Come on in....X's (Future) Room

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I am linking up with Andrea @ Momfessionals again for another peek inside my house.
Today it is all about kid rooms :)

As some of you know from previous posts X sleeps in our room.
In our bed. #momfail #yesmom
He quite possibly will be my only child, so I am taking all the kicks, hair pulling, middle of the night wake ups, snuggles that I can!

I also realized I have only a few photos of X's nursery before we started changing things :( 

I promise there has been a cover on that outlet the entire time X has been alive. We had just finished painting his walls and putting the tree decal up before we replaced the cover.

 One of my friends from high school made all the bedding for me and another friend (X's godmother) made the cute colored coded giraffe :)

Horrible cell phone pics!
I know I will take much better photos of his big boy room throughout the process :)

Now that we got that out of the I will be showing you the ideas I have for X's big boy room!
I am all over the place with ideas, so I would love your feedback :)
I am hoping to finalize the theme soon and have his room done by his 3rd birthday in December.

Sports Rooms

 How frickin' awesome would this basketball court be?
Our house isn't nearly big enough for this, nor our ceilings tall enough, but a mini version of this would be so cool!

Love the plaids and stripes mixed with the different sports.
And that chalkboard wall behind the bed would be so much fun to write on and decorate over the years!

source unknown
I kind of want this football wall for myself :) Or any room in my house really! #ilovefootball

X loves ALL sports so this theme would be pretty easy to do.
Golf balls and clubs, baseball bats and mitts, basketball & hoop, football & helmet, etc., etc., etc.
Even a wall of pennants would be kind of cool with all the Cleveland teams :)

Car Rooms
Again, I love the mix of plaids and cars in this Pottery Barn room.
It also looks like a room X could grow with, instead of a Disney Cars room.

Those tires for a side table would be super cool!

I absolutely love this room!
I love the gray mixed with hints of blue. The black and white photos of old cars. I just love it all!

Someone please tell me how to get a car/truck/train/whatever into my house and this would be a done deal!
SO, SO Cool!
Ok, let's be honest...I kind of want this one for myself too! lol!

The kid is seriously obsessed with all things cars! Planes and trains too!
I mean he even enjoys watching NASCAR because the cars go FAST! lol!

He also really likes music too, but I think one of the above themes will win out.
Now I just need to decide which one, pick colors, and get to it! :)

Which do you think I should go with?
Any ideas on where to get one of those red trucks? lol!

I would love to see or hear what your kid rooms look like!


  1. That truck bed is awesome!!! Thanks so much for linking up!!!
    :) Andrea

  2. I'm in the same boat with making my son's (2.5 yrs) nursery into a big boy room. I keep looking around for ideas as well. I saw this loft bed that I thought would be really fun for him to "camp out" in underneath and play toys. Can't wait to see what you decide.

  3. that truck bed is totally awesome, so is that basketball bunk bed one! Baby Fox wants a bunk bed next! Currently he has a race car bed..

  4. {Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my kid posts!!}
    Those are some incredible rooms....I have some of those pinned on my Pinterest board for my boys rooms!!! Love all of those ideas...especially the red truck bed! Can't wait to see what you do with his big boy room!!! :))


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