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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Linking up with the fabulous Andrea @ Momfessionals for her "What's On Your" Series.

Since we tend to have a few nights a week that are crazy busy or a planned dinner out, I only plan a few menu items each week.
We can sub in leftovers, hot dogs, pasta, etc. if needed.

Grilled Pizzas are super duper easy to make!
We make personal pizzas so we can each have whatever we want on them :)
I use the Boboli pizza crust that come two in a package.
Make sure you turn on your grill first and keep it on a low heat the entire time.
Then I brush both sides of the crust with a little EVOO and sprinkle pour on the garlic powder.
I toast/warm the topping side of the crust until it turns a light golden brown.
I pull them off the grill and start adding toppings.
I do the basic sauce, cheese, pepperoni and mushrooms.
Mic usually does tomato slices instead of sauce, and then adds cheese, onions, black olives, etc.
Throw those bad boys back on the grill and allow the cheese to melt.
Depending on how hot your grill gets, you may need to lay down a layer of foil to keep the bottom of the crust from burning. I also tend to use the top rack in my grill for this as well.
Once the cheese is melted, pull the pizzas off the grill, slice and enjoy!


I found this recipe for Shrimp Boil Kabobs on Pinterest and knew it was perfect for my family!
I can't wait to try this version of a low country boil :)


This broccoli salad is super simple!
Throw a bag or head of broccoli in a bowl.
Throw in a couple handfuls of plain almonds.
Add some sliced strawberries, onions, and/or peppers.
Or any other veggie you may like honestly.
Pour some yummy Garlic Expressions over the whole bowl and Enjoy!
Mic and I have been eating this for lunch all weekend and it is perfect!
You can pick up Garlic Expressions at your local Kroger.
I found mine by the freshly made breads.


Pretzel S'mores Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars are melt in your mouth delicious!!!
Even the chocolate haters love these!
I posted the recipe here.
I have since made these bars for our Small Group Dinner over the weekend and when my dad came down as well.
They are beyond easy to make.

What is on your menu this week or month?


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