Thursday, July 3, 2014

#xvsdailylife2014 Week 24 & 25

Once again playing catch up this week!

Week 24

 Day 169 ~ ROAR!!!!

 Day 170 ~ The car is packed and it is time to sleep!

 Day 171 ~ I could lay on this bed for days!

Day 172 ~ You haven't officially made to NMB until you have visited Hamburger Joe's!

 Day 173 ~ We enjoyed some adult beverages from mason jars along the waterway at Barefoot Landing.

 Day 174 ~ The little guys enjoyed an afternoon snack and cartoons.

Day 175 ~ We went to Ripley's Aquarium to see the fish and more!

Week 25

 Day 176 ~ This cutie had a little escargot at dinner.

 Day 177 ~ Time for donuts!

 Day 178 ~ Last day at the beach :( Rockin' my Hippie Chick Cabo top.

 Day 179 ~ Napping in the car. #lashesfordays

 Day 180 ~ Vacation is officially over :(

 Day 181 ~ Two peas in a pod :)

Day 182 ~ 2nd day in a row I went to have my oil changed and had to wait :( At least this time there were only 2 cars ahead of me - wait time was 30 minutes :(

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  1. Hey we have those same crab jammies! No Cars Movie? I'm so disappointed X, hehe. That picture of your boys sleeping, so cute! Love the pacifier half hanging out.