Monday, July 21, 2014


I left work early on Friday to head up to Port Clinton/Catawba Island to go camping with my dad, brother, and X at Cedarlane RV Park :)
We tried to start a tradition about 5 years ago that the three of us would spend a weekend camping together. It hasn't worked out to do it every year :( so I was excited that we were able to get it scheduled for this summer!
And this time X was joining us :)
It was his first time camping and staying in the Winnebago so I wasn't sure what to expect.
Thankfully, Cedarlane has multiple pools, a splash pad, playground area, etc.

X napped on and off on the way there, so he was ready to go and play when we arrived.
He ran around outside for a little bit before we headed to dinner at Casa Las Palmas.
X and I ordered our norm....TACOS!
Of course, the only way to eat them is pinkies up! lol!

After dinner we made a quick run to Bassett's grocery store to pick up a few necessities and then headed back to the campground to play and swim!
These two together just melt my heart! 

 X loved playing in the pool and in the splash pad area :)
I unfortunately didn't get any photos of him there :(

We cleaned up, got X in his pj's and headed back outside to hangout by the fire.
 Love his little camp chair my dad got him :)
 Making his first campfire pizza with Pa :) LOVE!

Unfortunately most of Saturday it was raining :(
We decided to take a drive around Port Clinton stopped at Walmart (not my favorite place). This store was actually clean and nice!

We walked around and made our way to the toy section...of course!
X found his future bike -- X Games theme!

We also made a pit stop at Cheese Haven :)
I picked up a couple of delicious cheese spreads to bring home with me.

After lunch, the weather cleared up a bit..YEH!
So while X was napping the three of use played a little corn hole :)
 After nap time we set up X's new tee ball set to get some practice in. He is a natural in my opinion ;)

 Of course no day is complete without a few meltdowns!
 Once the tantrum was over, Uncle Richie brought out a box FULL of cars, Starting Line up dolls, and more for X to play with and bring home with him! SO many memories of playing with all those things when we were little :)

It was once again fire time and tonight s'mores were on my menu!
X didn't want to wait to toast the marshmallow though ;)

Sunday morning we woke up, ate some yummy donuts and X played with his "new" cars.

We then packed up our car, said our goodbye's, and headed back home.

Despite the rain on Saturday and the numerous tantrums all weekend, we had a good time :)

Note to self: Terrible 2's and close quarters of any kind do not mix!!! 

So how was your weekend?


  1. That splash pad is awesome for an RV park! And that s'more? it's like the most perfect one ever.

  2. That looks like SUCH a fun time!! Smores, tacos, adorable camping chairs, splash pad? SIGN ME UP! Also, I'll take some of those cheese spreads, please and thank you ;)

  3. wow, that pool and splash pad look great! I can't wait to take my kids camping, whether it be RV or tent...just need them to get a little older! You are a brave woman!

  4. Do you guys ever sit still? :) X is too cute


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