Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Five

Another week has come and gone.
That means one thing (well at least in the blogging world)...
It is time for my Friday Five!

Linking up with some of my favorite ladies today


X and I had a great time on our (not so, but we try) Annual Cook Camping Trip.
We played cars, we swam, we ate s'more's, we camped!
Tantrums and all I think it was a successful weekend :)

 #flashbackfriday X ready to enjoy his first fire #spring2012

I snagged some great deals so far during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!
Prices don't go up until August 4th, so you still have time to shop and score some awesome items.
Post is coming soon :)
I did mention last week that I snatched up these ankle booties and I LOVE them!
I will be rockin' these bad boys quite a bit this Fall :)

#flashbackfriday My very first item I purchased from Nordstrom (just last year!) Olivia Moon Oatmeal Blazer - Sorry no longer available :(

My child is more fearless than I would like him to be!
That is my 2.5yo swimming in the deep end with no help!
He only is allowed in when one of us is with him and he must have his puddle jumper on. However, the kid kicks his little legs like crazy and moves himself across the length of the pool all by himself! He also just jumps or slides right off that big turtle float with no help. To say I have my hands full the older he gets is a complete understatement!
It could be worse, so I will take it :)

#flashbackfriday X's first time in the pool :)

Football season is only 16 days away!!!

Browns training camp starts tomorrow and I am hoping to get up to Berea to take in a practice with X.

#flashbackfriday X's first time at training camp :)


We are headed up north tonight for a high school graduation party.
I can't remember the last time I was at one of those! lol!
Either way it should be fun right?

And now I leave you with the best #flashbackfriday photo of them all today!
My friend Missy and I fresh out of our high school graduation ceremony. Yes, that is me with braces. Yes, that is the only day in my life my hair actually stayed curled. And yes, your eyes aren't deceiving you...that photo does say 1997 :)

So what were your favorite things this week?
I would love to see your flashback photos!


  1. Love the flashback grad picture- your friend looks like she could have stepped right out of one of mine- cool to see that the "Friends" inspired hair and outfits were everywhere. Same grad year for us!

  2. YAY for training camp--- but not for you guys ;) I love those ankle booties you got! I got some at the end of winter last year so I only got to wear them like 1-2x. I'm excited to get them out again!!

  3. I know I told you before but those booties are seriously AMAZING and I want them!! Lol, yum! S'mores sound so good!!

  4. Those ankle booties are so cute! Loving all the #fbf pictures!

  5. That photo of X in his Lightning McQueen floatie is too cute!!!

  6. Love the old pictures. I gave you shout out all because of those booties. I debated buying and then when I saw you had bought them, I thought I need some too! I can't wait to get them!

  7. Stopping by from the linkup- those booties are amazing and scream fall!! Great find :)


  8. I love those boots! Aww, little man is adorable! I'm stopping by from the Bloglovin link up & I'm a new follower, your blog is great! If ya get a chance stop by to say hi! Happy Saturday!

  9. Love the flashbacks... and those boots!!
    I wish my son was a little less fearless also. Heart attack central. :)