Thursday, August 7, 2014

#xvsdailylife2014 Week 30

 Day 211 ~ Mic and I ate dinner at the kiddie table while X played.
#lifeofaparent #itiseasiertoclean

 Day 212 ~ Hanging out outside playing with sticks while daddy mows :)
This kid SO melts my heart!

 Day 213 ~ Girl's Night Out!

Day 214 ~ Best $12 I have ever spent at Kroger! #priceless

Day 215 ~ Someone was in full terrible two form today :( #grr

 Day 216 ~ Everyone eats spaghetti and cut up fruit with a giant slotted spoon right?
#spaghettiface #kidisobsessedwiththesespoons

Day 217 ~ Stopped by Hobby Lobby after work today :)
This place is like a great big hug! #falldecorisonsale


  1. You look so gorgeous in that GNO photo!
    Nolan loves playing with toy lawnmowers, too! We may have to get one. Only $12?? Nice!!

  2. Yay! The fall stuff is coming out. I'm not a big summer person this year, I don't know what happened. How cute he's helping cut grass. Aww that face. Everyone loves a good girls night, you ladies are so pretty! Happy Thursday!

  3. haha, that last hashtag, I can't believe fall stuff is already out, I want the late days to stay forever!