Tuesday, October 22, 2013

1st Annual Scarf Exchange

I may have mentioned that Shay over at Mix and Match Family and Mix and Match Mama is one of my absolute favorite bloggers! I just adore her style, her recipes, her adorable little family, etc.

Anyways, I knew that when I read her post about a scarf exchange with her friends I had to do the same!
The most challenging part was figuring out where to have this little get together.
See my friends live all over the place, so it makes getting together pretty difficult.
Add the fact that I was trying to coordinate more than just mine and one other person's schedule and it was almost impossible!
However, I made it work! :)
I actually thought about having 2 parties at one point (here and back home), but schedules never lined up correctly :(

A lot of my friends from elementary through high school still live in the area so it worked out perfectly to host my first scarf exchange back home :)

Location: Starbucks - Avon, Ohio
Date: October 19th @ 10:30am
Requirements: Bring a new scarf in a bag and make some new, fun memories with friends!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love red, black, and white! So of course I purchased a scarf and bag with those exact colors :)
A red & white polka dot scarf in a black bag with white tissue paper = 100% ME!!!
Now I know I was giving this scarf away, so I was taking a fairly big leap hoping that the person receiving this scarf would like it as well.

Inside tip: All the ladies joining me for this exchange went to the same high school as me except for one of them.
Our school colors were red, black and white :)
Oh, and the other friend who didn't go to school with me?
Her high school mascot was the Poca Dot!
So in my mind, I am good to go! :)

Saturday morning arrived and it just oozed Fall!
Rainy, chilly, perfect scarf wearing weather :)

Unfortunately, a few of the girls weren't able to make it do to sick children, and work schedules.
In the end there were only 4 of us there, but it still was lots of fun!
The actual idea of the exchange is kind of like a white elephant exchange.
You pick numbers, can steal gifts, etc.
Since we only had four of us there I thought that would just be weird to do that. So instead we each picked a bag (from youngest to oldest) and then opened them at the same time.
I loved them all honestly!

Top left - beige and white stripe scarf
(similar here and here)
Top right - red and white polka dots scarf
(similar here and exact here)
Bottom left - gray sparkle infinity scarf
(similar here and here)
Bottom right - black & gray star infinity scarf
(exact here and similar here)

We all had such a great time catching up and enjoying some delicious Starbucks!
I already can't wait to host this event next year!

I love wearing scarves, but I don't vary on how I tie them.
Thanks to good ole' Pinterest, the possibilities are endless!
Here are a couple that I found...

Cute scarf tying ideas :)
source unknown
How to wear an infinity scarf
source unknown

Thanks to my amazing friends for joining me, and thanks again to Shay for sharing this great idea :)

And remember to stop by friend Jessica's Etsy Shop today to order some amazing items for Christmas/Birthdays/Etc.
She may or may not be in one of the above photos ;)

Do you have any tips on tying scarves?
Do you participate in any exchanges?

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  1. I totally need to do this with my friends this year! Planning a party, stat!