Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Favorite Disney Movies

Today we are talking Disney movies!
I didn't realize just how many there are until I sat down to write this post.
Nor did I realize how many of those movies aren't even animated!

You are getting double the fun today with some of my favorite animated
and regular movies made by Disney :)

My Favorite Animated Disney Movies

I love this movie!
I can easily watch this any time is it on or if I am just in the mood for an animated film.

I still haven't seen Monster's University,
but if it is half as good as the original I know I will love it!
Don't you just want a big hug from Sully? :)

This is an absolute classic!
I can't imagine there is a little girl who doesn't like this movie.

Great movie!
I just wish it didn't make me cry every time! :(

Ever since I was a little kid I have secretly loved super heroes,
so it comes as no surprise that this movie would rank pretty high.

My Favorite Disney Films

I still love the Mighty Ducks movies!
This is where my love for Joshua Jackson began!
Of course it continued when he was on Dawson's Creek and Fringe :)

Football movies always score big with me.
The above two are some of my absolute favorites!

I have been a Muppets fan for as long as I can remember!
I actually saw this one in the theater because I was so excited for it!

I don't care how old I am,
these movies are good!
This is coming from a Grease, Hairspray, & Shag movie lover...
what did you expect?

Honorable Mention

Johnny Depp is in this series...
need I say more?
There you have it!
Some of my all time favorite Disney/Pixar movies.

Did any of your favorites make my list?
Did I leave one of your favorites out?
Do you enjoy/are you looking forward to watching some of these with your little ones?
I know I am :)

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  1. Mighty Ducks will forever top my list!! Love them. Pirates too, that's high on my list. I think my favorite animated one was Oliver and Company.

    1. I have never watched Oliver & Co.! I might have to check it out now that I have a little buddy to watch movies with :)