Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Booze & Cars

By the title of my post you would probably expect to read something about DUI's right?
You would be incorrect my friends.
Today's post is all about the cars we saw at the Gatlinburg Hollywood Stars Cars Museum and about the lovely liquid libations we sampled and purchased while on vacation.

Let's start with the booze portion of this post.
On our drive down to the smokies, we stopped just outside of Lexington, Kentucky to grab some lunch. We didn't really have a special place in mind so we trusted our phones to help us out with finding a unique place to eat.
Mic consulted his Yelp app, while I used the nearby places on Facebook.
Guess what I came across?
Oh, the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort.
This might just be Mic's favorite bourbon. And it was only about 20 minutes away from where we stopped.
We ended up stopping for some amazing pulled pork at Staxx BBQ in Frankfort.
Side note: No sauce needed the pork was so tasty and moist!!!

After a quick lunch we headed over to the distillery to see about taking a tour and tasting. We walked around the shop for a bit before it started raining like crazy -- so we decided against taking a walking tour and getting soaked.
Good thing we did because we managed to score ourselves a private tasting with one of the tour guides!
We walked in the room where all the bottles are set out to purchase and were able to have some one on one time with a guide. He talked about the distillery a bit, and let us taste all of the bourbons and vodka they had to offer.
He also mentioned that we would probably want to do the Hard Hat tour and they only do that at about 9am.
Really glad we didn't take the tour now since it was just a basic one!
We had a really great time at Buffalo Trace and hope to get back for the hard hat tour in the future. Plus, not too far down the road is the rest of the Bourbon Trail.

If you ever have a chance to pick up the Bourbon Cream, do so! Only sold in Kentucky :( but is well worth the pick up! The guide mixed it with root beer and it was like drinking a root beer float!!!!

While in Gatlinburg we stopped in at 2 different distilleries right on the main road. Parts of the county are still labeled "dry", but Gatlinburg was grandfathered in many years ago.

First stop was to Davy Crockett's Tennessee Whiskey.
Here the shot glasses were pretty small, but you were able to sample any and all flavors!
They offer about 6-8 different flavors, but I just tried the Chocolate Whiskey and the Tennessee Mud.
Both were super yummy, but I ended going home with a bottle of the mud (whiskey & cream).

Our final stop was to the Ole Smoky Moonshine distillery.
They were located at the back of this long alley. On one side of the alley was a store with t-shirts and sauces galore.
On the other side were all the barrels where they make the moonshine. And right down the middle of the alley was a stage with some guys playing live music.
It was an awesome setting!
They offer 12 different flavors of moonshine and we made sure we had a taste of almost every one of them!

We brought home the Pink Lemonade, Grape Lightning, and Peach flavors :)

No, we are not alcoholics! We just like to have a good drink every now and then. And let me tell you...that Grape moonshine is some seriously good stuff!!!!

Part 2 of my favorite parts of vacation post today is about cars!
Some of you may be done right there, but hopefully a few of you will stick around to at least look at the photos.

I have mentioned before that Mic and I met while working at Mercedes Benz & Infiniti dealerships. I have also mentioned that we have an unhealthy extreme love for cars!
Car museum = sure, star car museum = ABSOLUTELY!

Trans Am from "Smokey and the Bandit"

Kit from "Knight Rider"

The mustang from the movie "Trouble with the Curve".
JT rode in it :)
Tom Cruise's race car in "Days of Thunder"

Posing with Don Johnson and the Ferrari from "Miami Vice"
Hello Fast & the Furious!
Paul Walker's Eclipse from "The Fast and the Furious"
Vin Diesel's Dodge Charger from "Fast Five"
Vin Diesel's '87 Buick from "Fast and Furious"

General Lee from "The Dukes of Hazzard" TV show
DRAG U LA from the TV show "The Munsters"

Eleanor from "Gone in 60 Seconds"
TV's original '66 Batmobile from "Batman"

Police car from "The Andy Griffith Show"
Bumblebee from "Transformers"

Ecto-1 from "Ghostbusters"
The DeLorean from "Back to the Future"

Are you still there?
I am sure I have bored you to death with all those car photos, but it is a huge part of who Mic and I are.
I actually had quite a few more photos, but I tried to condense them down as best as I could :)

Enough of the extremely long post today.
Finishing up my recap of vacation with Nashville tomorrow :)

Do you try new foods or drinks while on vacation?
Do you visit any museums?

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  1. So fun! Bourbon cream is amazing, I fully admit to stockpiling when I go.

    1. Way too good! I had it last night mixed with root beer and thought I had died and went to heaven! Is it really only sold in KY? And can you get it outside of the Buffalo Trace store?