Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cowboy Boots

I have wanted a pair of cowboy boots for as long as I can remember.
Red cowboy boots specifically!
I fell in love with them as a child watching the (original) movie Footloose.
(The preacher's daughter wears them)

I had every intention of buying my first real pair of red cowboy boots while in Nashville this past weekend, but unfortunately I just couldn't find a pair I liked :(
Every red I came across was either too cherry, too pink, or just had way too much going on.
I did finally come across a pair (which Mic and believed to be the ones), but they didn't have my size in stock :(
I will find those boots somewhere online and maybe mention them for a birthday/Christmas gift ;)

We were only in Nashville for 2 days,
but you better believe we scoured the city looking for boots.
During our final hours in downtown I decided to give up looking for red boots.
Just then...I found that I liked all kinds of boots!
Black, white, brown, gray, etc.
And I finally came across a store that had simple, kind of plain boots.
Exactly what this girl is all about!!!

After quite some time trying on boots, I left the store with 3 pairs!!!!
Yes, you read that right!
All the boots in the store were Buy 1, get 2 free :)
That isn't a typo folks! Can you say AWESOME?!?!

We had actually asked our server/local the day before if those kind of stores are legit,
are the boots for real, etc. They actually are!!!
Some of the stores we walked in and right back out of were charging anywhere
from $500 and up for a single pair!
That is just nuts if you ask me.
I didn't need or want cowboy boots that bad.

Anyways, I fell in love with the look and comfort of three very versatile pairs of boots.

I have actually worn all 3 pairs already and I have only had them since Saturday night!
I wore the gray ones with dress pants yesterday,
and I have the black ones on today with a dress :)
And I work in a fairly conservative office!

Of course I had to rock them for a minute while in Nashville..

I did not plan on buying boots that day obviously by the outfit I had on, but I made it work
to "fit in" for just a bit :)

Do you rock cowboy boots?
What color(s) do you own?
Have you ever been to Nashville?

Our trip recap is still a work in progress,
but I promise part 1 will be posted by the end of the week :)

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  1. I really want a pair of cowboy boots!! I love that they are kind of in style right now.

    And I've only been to Nashville once and have been dying to go back! Such a fun city.

    1. Other than saying I got my boots in Nashville, it probably is much cheaper to get them online.

      I can't wait to go back to Nashville! Hoping next time to make it a girls trip :) I know a few of my friends and I would have a blast visiting all the bars for dancing and karaoke :)