Monday, October 28, 2013

Sweet Weekend

This weekend was filled with sweets!
From Halloween candy to cupcakes :)

Friday evening Mic and I bundled ourselves and X up and headed to Boo at the Zoo in Columbus.
We filled our bellies with warm food at Mimi's Cafe before hitting up the zoo for some tricks and treats :)

Concentrating on coloring his picture at dinner :)

Mic and our little platypus ;)

"Perry" and mommy at the zoo :)

Saturday was all about running errands and cleaning up the house!

Chores start early in this house ;) Honestly, he just loves to sweep the floor!

Wickedly Handsome! You got that right!

It's Fall people, so of course we ended our day with dinner in a pumpkin!

Sunday was party and game day!
We headed up north to celebrate my little brother's birthday and watch the Browns game.

 We passed this when we were driving to my mom's house....I WANT ONE!!!

X helped my brother open one of his birthday gifts.
It was a new set of pillows, so naturally X had to test it out for him :)

The beginning of X eating his Halloween cupcake....

...the middle...

...the end! Purple stained frosting face!

Mic (being Mic), X, and I with the birthday "boy" (he is 31 now!).
So glad we were able to visit and celebrate with you :)

We arrived back home after witnessing another Browns loss
(at least Campbell looked better than Weeden),
cleaned up, and called it a weekend!

How was your weekend?
Any Halloween parties or trips to the zoo or a haunted house?

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  1. i love his costume!!! so cute

  2. Yum- I LOVE Mimi's cafe :) And "perry" looks TOO CUTE!!!

    1. Thank you! It was so much fun walking around the zoo with every kid and adult saying "there's Perry!" :)

  3. My goodness what a fun filled weekend! That certainly is the cutest platypus I have ever seen!

    Please take 2 seconds to vote for me!

  4. It was SO cold here Friday night! I love the platypus costume!

    1. Thank you! And I can't believe how cold it was Friday night! Thankfully we had some really warm food at Mimi's before we went!


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