Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkins, Scarves, and Football...Oh My!

This weekend was full of friends, family, and Fall fun :)

We enjoyed some of our new alcohol beverage options with some very good friends on Friday evening.
A little (or a lot) of grape moonshine for the girls and some bourbon for the guys.
I mean we needed something to wash down the pizza we all had for dinner right?! ;)
The grape moonshine is on the right.
More about it in a post later this week :)

Saturday morning I held my 1st Annual Scarf Exchange in my hometown. While in the end it was only a few of us, we still had a great time catching up over Starbucks, and adding a new scarf to our wardrobes :)
Post is in the works about the whole exchange, along with some scarf tying options.
Here is the scarf I received...LOVE IT!!!!

I was almost home when I came across these gorgeous trees not too far from my house.
I absolutely love Ohio in the Fall!

On Sunday, X and I ran some errands while Mic had to get some work done at the office. We surprised him with lunch before heading out to pick some pumpkins :)

X's hat is made my amazing friend Jessica!
Check out her Etsy shop here.

We ended up at Sandy Hill Fruit Farm for a few reasons...
We stopped at our local apple orchard and it was insanely busy, and the pumpkins were super expensive!
Sandy Hill had no one there, so it was perfect for X and I to walk around and pick out our favorites!

X found his perfect "pumpkin" and he was so proud of himself! I didn't have the heart to tell him it wasn't an actual pumpkin :(

Attempting to get X to pose with all of our pumpkins.

We walked away with 8 pumpkins and gourds!
All 8 were less than what 2 medium pumpkins would have cost me at the orchard!

This is how X (and Mic and I) felt about the Cleveland Browns game yesterday!

We ended our weekend with X running around in his white tee, socks, and diaper like a crazy man!
It was truly a great weekend!!! :)

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Ugh- the Browns looked so bad yesterday. And really Brandon Weeden needs to go far far far away from Cleveland!!

  2. Aww, how fun! Your little guy is too cute with his gourd. :) Missing the foliage so much this time of year. I grew up in PA. That scarf is really pretty!

    1. Thanks Alison! The scarf looks even better on :)