Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Come on in...My Master Bedroom

You are about to see a horrible, scary, and truly unkempt room!
The only thing we have done to our master bedroom in the 8 years we have been in our house is paint the walls!
The furniture is old, the carpeting is old, everything is just plain old!
We haven't even purchased a bed set (comforter and such).
Pathetic I know. We really are working on that!
We did receive a nice white down comforter as a wedding gift 8 years ago, but our cat decided to make it his litter box when it wasn't on the bed for the summer :(
Bad kitty!!!
We have been too lazy and too cheap to invest in anything new.

Update: I just recently purchased a nice white comforter with shams on clearance at Target.

Moving on.
We currently share our bedroom with X.
(We have plenty of bedrooms, we are just weak suckers in love with our little guy ;)
And when I say share, I mean he has basically taken over!
His crib that he slept in a handful of times is in there, along with a ton of toys.
We literally spend about 85% of our time at home in our bedroom.
We watch cartoons in there, sometimes have dinner and snacks in there, watch football games in there, play baseball and golf in there.
You name it, it probably happens in our master bedroom.

Mic and I are ready for that to change!
I purchased the paint for X's big boy room. Now I just need to find some time to sand down the walls and paint them!
If I could only figure out a way to stay awake after X goes to bed I might get something done! lol!
Once his room is complete and fingers crossed he moves into his new bed with no problems, Mic and I are wanting to update our room.
New paint. New colored accent pillows and blankets.
Minimal cost things.
Then some day when we are independently wealthy, or have just saved enough, we will hopefully get a new bedroom set that is king size :)
Dreaming of that day!

Enough of me dragging my feet typing on and on...here are a few pics of our disastrous master bedroom.

Well one more item before we get to those horrific photos.
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When we finally got around to painting our bedroom (about 4 years ago now) we picked a light shade of purple. Like lilac.
If you know me, this is not a color I would typically choose.
I like bold!
Mic is the king of pastel colors I swear!
I agreed that the lilac would be "calming" so we went with it.
The room is just blah.
Probably because nothing goes together. With everything in that room it is a nightmare!
Again, hoping that will change soon!
Here are the best photos I could get. Again, I warn you!!
View at your own risk!!!

Toys have taken over!!!

I honestly love the space that we have in our bedroom, we just need to make better use of it. And claim it as ours again!
I am working on the turning the junk room into X's playroom so all the toys will get out of there.
And I might just take down that crib tonight...if I can keep my eyes open.
Lots of goals...not enough time or energy! :(

Now here is what I am leaning towards for color updates.
Lots of blues and grays with just a pop of yellow or orange.

Mic is leaning towards more mossy or sage greens...

And then in an ideal world we would just blend the two color choices

What color is your master bedroom?
Is it a blend of you and your spouse or does one of you dominate the color or design?

Can't wait to hear your comments and see how you have designed your master bedrooms :)


  1. Ouuuu those paint colors are fab!!! I wish we could paint here, our apartment has those popcorn style type walls. Annoying!

  2. Oooh, I love all your choices!! I think you could do the sage green with some blues and even a few pops of gold/yellow still to liven it up! :) Our master bedroom is a dark, dreary mess. It's all browns/tans/neutrals... and while normally I'd be okay with something like that, the lighting is horrible in there so it seems dark all the time! I want bright and bold too!

  3. Funny that your room is lilac too!!
    I like the blue/gray ideas!

  4. oh I love the colors that you chose! Blue(teal)/grey is perfect together. My favorite. In our house, we have 7 or 8 shades of brown. I wish I was kidding but I'm not. I want to have color in the accent pieces but that would require me to have some sort of decorating sense...maybe one day...yes to a new king bed, just thinking about buying one gives me anxiety...too much that goes with buying a new bed, sheets, bedding, all my allergy free stuff, but we are eventually going to need to upgrade too.