Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Five - Fall Fashion Essentials

It is time once again for some of my favorite things about this week ;)
Let's right to it shall we?!
Today I am talking about five of my favorite Fall fashion essentials.
How many eff words could I get in that last sentence?
On second thought, don't answer that ;)
Let's begin!

1. A Scarf
Just about everyone I follow on Pinterest has pinned or at least liked the above image at some point.
If you haven't, I am not sure we can be friends. Kidding, kind of.
A plaid scarf to me just screams Fall.
Any scarf for the most part will do, but this red and beige plaid just makes me long for cool evenings with a cup of hot chocolate and a warm fire :)
Unfortunately, the above scarf doesn't seem to be anywhere in the real world :(
But you are in luck! I have scoured the internet and found a few similar ones for you.
Plaid options - Old Navy/Nordstrom/Nordstrom
Solid options - Nordstrom/Target/Old Navy

2. Light jacket/vest

You can't go wrong with a military jacket or a puffer vest in the Fall.
Fall is all about layering to adjust to the ever changing temps.
Both are heavy enough to keep you warm, but light enough to stay cool.
Military jacket options - Old Navy/Nordstrom
Puffer vest options - Gap/JCrew Factory/Old Navy

3. Jeans

Dressed up or down, light or dark, distressed or crisp...jeans go with everything!
I don't mind shorts during the summer, but I am a total jeans and tee kind of girl, so Fall is my comfort zone.
In my teen years Levi's were the only ones for me, then in my 20's I moved onto Gap or Old Navy, while these days you find me rockin' some Vigoss or Rock and Republic.
While I still can't find a pair of designer jeans that I like the fit well enough for the price tag, I do want to buy denim that lasts.
After Sheaffer told me what to do last year, I bought my first pair of Vigoss jeans from Nordstrom and fell in love!

Click on the name of each brand to take you to the full selection at Nordstrom and Kohl's.

4. Boots

So I might have an obsession with boots.
From combat to wellies to riders to cowboys..I love them all!
I will wear them with dresses, skirts, shorts, and pants.
If I can wear them year round I will!
My outfit is instantly pulled together when I throw on a pair of boots.
And you can walk through just about anything when you have them on!
Combat options - Target/Famous Footwear/Nordstrom
Rider options - Nordstrom/Famous Footwear/Target/
Hunter options - Nordstrom/Hunter

5. Plaid Flannel Shirt

Hello, four out of five essentials! :)

Flannels come in all kinds of colors, but my favorites usually have red weaved through them or as the main color. 
They are super comfy, keep you warm, and look good on everyone.
Who wouldn't want to wear one?!
Flannel shirt options - Old Navy/Target/Cabela's/Nordstrom

What are your Fall Fashion essentials?
What are your favorite denim brands?
What kind of boots do you gravitate to?

To see all my fall fashion ideas click here to check out my Pinterest board.
And click here to see my Fall Fashion with

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Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!


  1. This is a really fun post!
    I love that rare yellow plaid the one girl has under her vest!

  2. I just received my first pair of Vigoss distressed boyfriend jeans and I'm in love! I did order a pair of the Hudson 'Beth' Baby bootcut jeans during the Nordstroms anniversary sale and I absolutely love them! I have a tough time justifying the higher cost but for the anniversary price they were a great purchase.

  3. I want all of those outfits! I don't have a pair of Wellies but I think since I'm moving to the South where it actually RAINS I will need some!

  4. Can't wait until it gets cold so I can wear all of these things especially jeans, love wearing jeans!!

  5. LOVE this list! We have such similar styles. :) I am so ready for fall to come to Houston. So ready! Have a good weekend, Vanessa!

  6. Every single thing pictured is fab-u-lous

  7. Boots are probably the single best thing about fall, in my humble opinion!

  8. Thanks for the comment on my blog!! :) I love ALL of those outfits esp the plaid and vests… I wish I could start dressing for fall already!

  9. Loved this post! I love all things fall clothing! I need all of the above! Happy Fall!!!

  10. Loving all the fall inspiration!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire


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