Friday, September 26, 2014

Favorites on Friday

So in case you don't follow me on Instagram, Mic and I just returned from a long weekend trip to Texas.
Austin to be specific.
It was awesome!!!
Each day was filled with fun from morning to night thanks to our good friend Tim :)
He was an amazing host!
Since my time back in Ohio has been brief and uneventful I figured my Friday Five would be all about the great state of Texas :)

Linking up with a couple farm friends and some Texans as well!


We ate A LOT!
For some reason when Mic and I travel anywhere we have to try new food, or places we have heard a lot about, or have seen on TV.
I honestly think all three of us ate our weight in food each day.
I still feel stuffed!
We had our first taste of Chuy's and In-N-Out Burger. Enjoyed some huge breakfast tacos from Juan In A Million. As well as had our first trip to a speakeasy - Midnight Cowboy. If you decide to try it out, make sure you get the Lawn Tennis Cooler if available.
You won't be sorry :)

No flash photos were allowed so this is the best I could get of this yummy concoction.

 The Salt Lick BBQ was a place Mic and I have talking about for quite awhile now, so that was first on the list of places to eat.
I am not a huge fan of sauce, and it sure didn't need it!
You could taste the wood flavor in the meat, the cole slaw was excellent, and the atmosphere was just perfect.
Oh yeah, and you can bring in your own beer and alcohol to enjoy with your meal.

Yes, the guys brought a small bottle of Jameson with them.

 When we first arrived to Austin I was a bit shocked to not see things I grew up knowing to be Texas. On our drive to The Salt Lick and Circuit of Americas I was able to see some real Texas Ranches.
The gates on these suckers seriously had to cost more than the house that was on that land!
They were enormous!
I don't know why I found this so fascinating, but I did.
As we drove along the roads I couldn't help but think I would come across Riggins, Street, or any other character from the show Friday Night Lights.

 The San Antonio Riverwalk was even better than I imagined it would be!
It was seriously beautiful walking along the river and checking out all the restaurants.
We stopped at The Esquire Tavern for an appetizer and ended our evening with dinner right along the water at Casa Rio.

 My view while eating at Casa Rio.

Made a pit stop at the Alamo while in SA. No photos were allowed inside.

The final evening of our trip we were lucky enough to go to a taping of Austin City Limits.
Who was the artist you ask?
Just a guy who goes by the name Eric Church!!!!
To say that I was excited would be an understatement.
Tim hooked us up and we were able to attend the meet and greet as well.
I guess Eric wasn't feeling well, so it went rather quickly (What's your name? Shake hands. Take 3 photos with my arm around Eric. Done)
Honestly, I think I was in la la land the whole time.
He then put on an amazing show! (I believe it airs November 15th)
Since it was a live taping you couldn't take any pictures or video.
And I don't have the photos of me standing with him yet.
However, I will leave you with this hilarious pic of Mic standing with Eric that Tim was able to quickly snap.
Seriously...who makes that face? Especially while having your picture taken with Eric Church! Only my husband!

Mic and I standing on the floor of the Moody Theater waiting for Eric to come out and play.

All in all it really was a great time!
Thank you so much to Tim for thinking of everything and again being a wonderful host.
I can't wait to return!
Only thing I would change would be that the "cooler" weather they were having (90 and humid vs the 100's from a week prior) would be a bit cooler for this Ohio girl :)

I leave you with some extra photos from out time in Texas.
 I knew I was in the right place when Austin's baggage claim welcomed me with with these fun guitars.
Saw a little bit of the Le Mans race at Circuit of Americas.
 Hung out with the local Browns Backers in Austin to watch the game on Sunday. We lost :( But I enjoyed a local cider beer at least.

 S'mores Pancake. Yes please :)
I loved this chalkboard and the saying on it.
Couldn't help but take a pic of it.
 I will always be a Colt McCoy fan even though he isn't on the Browns anymore. He is just a stand up guy.
This was a retired jersey in a co-op store on campus.
I was definitely in the right bar!
This Cleveland girl with a love for The Christmas Story felt right at home :)
 Outside of Tim's building.
State Capitol Building
The 12 year old girl inside me could not stop laughing at the fact the Texas airports called all the Restrooms "Toilets".
Honestly made my day seeing these signs :)

How was your week?
Do you go to concerts often? 
What was the first one you attended?


  1. Stopping in from the link-up... and I'm so excited to check out your blog! I live in Ohio as well and so it's nice to find another local-ish blogger. And as for Texas, we totally want to go to Salt Lick BBQ! Every time we see it on the Food Network I remind my husband that if we are ever remotely near there, that we will eat there! Oh, and I love your little Texas numbers! Ok, stopping the gushing now... Have a great weekend!

  2. Your posts always make me hungry. Looks like an awesome trip!

  3. I really haven't gotten to spend much time in Texas...but Austin is definitely at the top of our list! Doug and I would love to go there sometime soon!!! Looks like an awesome (and delicious) trip!

  4. glad you had such an awesome time in Texas!! :)

  5. Caleb and I saw Eric church in concert a few years back and OMG he was quite the entertainer!!!! ;) so funny, too. So glad you all enjoyed yourselves and I'll have to agree, food is always an important aspect of traveling!

  6. YAY! for a good Texas Vacay! How funny is that cold beer sign!? I've always wanted to try Salt Licks...on the to-do list. San Antonio is beautiful--went there on our honeymoon. Glad y'all had a good time!

  7. Isn't COTA awesome?! We went to the inaugural F1 race there. SO FUN!

    I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in Texas. Come on back!

  8. Actually, in the country where I grew up (Malaysia), they always call restrooms "Toilets" so it sounds so normal to me until I realize that it would sound weird anywhere else!
    I just went to San Antonio for the first time earlier the year, it was fun to see the sights!

  9. Looks like you had an AMAZING time! I've never been to Austin, but your trip report makes me want to go. We had our first Chuy's a couple weeks ago on a little trip. I LOVE trying out new restaurants. In-N-Out Burger is on my list. We just need to get close to one :)

  10. What a fun time in Texas!!
    I really hope to see that beautiful Riverwalk someday!
    Yum s'more pancake!!