Monday, September 8, 2014

A Haircut & Football

Friday night Mic and I decided to take X to get his hair cut. He needed one so bad, but I hate taking him because he does not like sitting in the chair or any other part of it.
I have even gone down to Columbus to Cookie Cutters thinking he would enjoy sitting the planes or cars they have as chairs.
They have little TV's in front of each of them that play Disney movies and such.
No such luck :(

Evidence A.

He absolutely loved his first haircut, but from then on has hated every moment.

Evidence B.

Well, that was until Friday night!
We just ran up the street to a local Famous Hair salon.
I was hoping that I didn't know anyone so if the tantrum began I could book it out of there and never return.
X was apprehensive at first but then sat in Mic's lap while the girl did her work.
There were a few tears shed because he just wanted to be done....he does not sit still unless he is sleeping. And even then he moves around a lot!
Super excited that (fingers crossed) we have found a spot to go for haircuts. He actually asked again when we got home and the next morning to go get his haircut.
What a change from the crying on our way there!
It looks so much better now and I just love how grown up he looks :)
One thing I couldn't get this weekend was a good picture of him :(
The king of selfies didn't want to be in a picture or video all weekend! Crazy!

Saturday was filled with errands and lounging around since in was rainy most of the day.
Oh, and watching the Big Ten get their butts handed to them. UGH!
Mic did surprise X and I and take us out to dinner :)
Never a dull moment with this guy!
Yes, he is still a drooling machine and his shirt is soaked!

On Sunday we were ready for the Browns game early.
Food was cooked, jerseys were on, and FF line ups were set!
As a Browns fan I can tell you I have witnessed my share of losses, but yesterday didn't seem to feel as bad.
Granted, had the same team that played the first half of the game returned for the second half I might not feel this way.
The Browns looked like a team that knew what they were doing in the second half!
At the end of the day we still lost in the last few seconds to a field goal, but I am hopeful that if the team I saw in the second half returns to play four quarters each game we have a fighting chance :)
 Showing some love for Brian Hoyer while grocery shopping, before switching to my Joe Haden jersey to be twins with X :)

Mic found this Harry Potter hat that my brother gave him and X wanted to wear it.
He put it on himself :)
I think he just needs some glasses and a wand and he is set for Halloween :)

Mic was mowing so of course X had to be outside.
He ran all over the place with this yard marker before heading in for dinner and a bath :)

How was your weekend?
Did your team win this weekend?
How is your fantasy team doing?

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  1. Your little man is so cute. I'm happy he ended up with a nice haircut!!! ;)

    PS I was so rooting for your team against the nasty Steelers on Sunday. You guys really almost had em!!!


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