Monday, November 3, 2014

Paint Me Plaid | November Pinspired

Can you believe it is already November?
This year has gone by SO fast!
I have Christmas shopping to do, a 3rd birthday party to plan, and fun to be had!
Oh, and we still need to get our pictures taken for our Christmas cards! Eeek!
But all that can wait, because today is Pin-spired!!!
Linking up with Shay, Sheaffer, & Mel :)

I talked about my obsession love for plaid here.
So it shouldn't be a surprise that Pinterest, and Sheaffer for that matter inspired me this month.
You can't look at Pinterest without seeing the plaid scarf!
Whether yours is from Zara, Nordstrom, Target or somewhere in between it doesn't matter.
Plaid scarves are everything this season! 
As soon as a blogger features a plaid scarf it immediately sells out and everyone is looking for the next one to get their hands on.
It is crazy!
I initially ordered the infinity one from Nordstrom that sold out in a matter of seconds I think.
But then I saw the ones at Target, and decided I wanted the blanket look instead. So I did what every blogger crazy person girl would do...I rushed out to my local Target and picked it up along with a red one :)
I ended up giving the original scarf away in a scarf exchange to spread the plaid scarf love :)

Look #1
My inspiration came from the following collage of scarf photos. 
I couldn't wait to wear this scarf!
I knew after seeing the collage above that I could pretty much wear this plaid scarf with anything!
So, that is what I did!
Plaid scarf - exact
J.Crew Factory Chambray shirt - exact
Old Navy cords - similar
Chocolate booties - exact

Look #2
This photo might just have been one of my very first pins (a long time ago)!
I knew that this outfit was so me, and that I had most of the pieces to recreate it.
Once I picked up the red plaid scarf, I knew I wanted to wear this asap.
Trick-or-treat was on Thursday evening and it was quite chilly.
This outfit was perfect to walk around outside with my little guy!

I totally had to be goofy and "recreate" the photo above! lol!
Also, I realize now that I need a more fitted navy sweater! 

Plaid scarf - exact
Blue sweater (old) - similar
Vigoss jeans - similar
Red wellies - exact

Look #3
This next photo doesn't have the coveted plaid scarf, but I just loved it paired with the red boots!
I wore this to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon.
It actually was spitting snow, so these layers were exactly what I needed to run after my little guy, sing Happy Birthday, and enjoy some yummy cake :)
Old Navy Military Jacket - similar
Chambray shirt - exact
Old Navy white tee - similar
Old Navy skinny jeans - similar
Red wellies - exact

Are you mad about plaid?
I have a feeling I will be rockin' plaid quite a bit over the next few months, only with a lot more layers.
It is starting to get COLD here in central Ohio :(

Were you pinspired to try a new hairstyle, outfit, or food this month?

One more thing before you leave!

Deena and I hope you all will join the fun!
Feel free to email me with any questions :)


  1. Red wellies are the best, and I love how you've styled yours! Great recreations!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  2. Love all these looks and have been pinning plaid for years. I haven't been able to find that particular plaid scarf at Target.....purchased the Zara plaid and it may take me all season to figure out how to wear that sucker!

  3. I'm dying over all the plaid- love it all!

  4. Love all these looks! Thank goodness for Pinterest or us ladies would have no idea how to dress huh? haha
    So excited about the scarf exchange!!

  5. Stopping by via the link up! Snow...we are jealous! It's 80 degrees here. We shop at Old Navy lots...thanks for the ideas!

  6. Love the blanket scarf!! It is huge!! Also, great red wellies!! Perfect looks!!

  7. I love your looks!! The top knot is super cute on you!
    I feel like I need a big plaid scarf and a military jacket now :)

  8. Love your outfits!!! Your plaid scarf is perfection! Thanks for linking up with us! :)


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