Wednesday, November 12, 2014

WIWW | Red Puffer

For the last week I have been wearing my red puffer vest from the Gap like crazy.
Since we are supposed to have freezing temps and snow as of today, I have a feeling I won't get to wear it too much more :(

I wore the following outfit to the Usher concert with my brother.
I just wanted to be comfortable and not have a big winter coat to lug around. 
While I was comfy and the perfect temperature, boy was I out of place!
I looked more like I was attending a country concert than an R&B/Hip Hop show! lol!
I blame my lack of sleep on this one!

This was my Sunday running errands outfit.
It was perfect for the windy day we had :)

Do you rock a puffer vest?

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  1. I love MY puffer vest! It is reversible red and black!! I wear it far too often!!!!!!

  2. I have so many puffers...but not a red!! I should get that!! Love your looks!!

  3. We are totally sisters from another mister. I had my J.Crew red puffer on ALL week!

  4. I love my puffer vests! I have a navy one and a cream colored one I just got from Old Navy. Boo for the cold weather though!! Not ready for this crap Ohio.

  5. Great looks! I got a navy puffer vest this year, and I have already worn it a few times. Love how cozy they are!


  6. I am wearing mine today! Although it's not so much puffer as a wanna be look a like. Looks like one without the puff. They are perfect for the temps right now.

  7. You could be the poster girl for the colour red: red puffer, red boots, red Starbucks cups...

  8. I love that scarf! I just love all it; it looks so cozy!