Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Weekend Fun | A Giveaway

So let's back up to Thursday evening - Trick-or-treat!
Our neighborhood decided to celebrate on Friday night this year (it is always on Thursday night), but the weather was supposed to be cold and rainy/snowing!
Since this was going to be the first time that X was going trick-or-treat we decided to take him out with one of his friends on Thursday evening instead.
It was chilly, but otherwise perfect for some Halloween fun!
X was shy at the first house since he didn't know what to do, but once he got the hang of it he loved it!
Every house that little guy walked up to the door and said in his cutest voice "Trick or treat!".
My heart seriously melted!!!!
He even said "Thank you" after each time.
He can be completely crazy, but boy there are moments that he makes me the most proud mommy around! :)
He had a great time and has asked a few times to do it again.
He got to wear his full costume again on Friday morning to school for a Halloween party :)

On Friday night it was super cold and rainy, but the kids in my neighborhood wanted their candy!
Mic thankfully hung out by the front door and passed it out while I made dinner.
Once that 2 hours was over we enjoyed some snuggles with X :)

Saturday we were up and at em' early!
I enjoyed a solo trip to Target and basically had the store to myself!
It was amazing!
I then swung through Starbucks to get a PSL and was giddy when they served it in a red cup! YEH!
And I even received a Salted Caramel Mocha that they made on accident!
I knew at that point it was going to be a very good day!
 I could spend hours on the Christmas aisles!

I swung through Dunkin Donuts for a couple breakfast sandwiches for Mic and I, and a fun donut for X :)

After X's nap we headed over to his friend's house to celebrate his 3rd birthday.
X loves it there!
He kept saying "This is awesome!" and "That is super cool!" the entire time!
 Such a cheesy pizza face grin!

 Checking out some of the new toys before having a field day in the bounce house :)
After the party we changed into our comfy clothes and snuggled up in the basement to watch The Polar Express.
Christmas is my favorite season, so I extend it and start listening to the music and watching the movies as soon as I can :)

On Sunday Mic took X over to my in-laws house while I went grocery shopping.
A trip to Kroger is not complete without a stop at Starbucks :)
Red cup #2 for the weekend.

X actually stayed over at my in-laws for awhile which meant Mic and I were able to get some things done around the house - blow leaves, cut the grass, do laundry, and watch the Browns come away with a win!
If you saw that game you know it was nothing fun to watch, but at the end of the day my boys got the "W" and that is what matters.

We ended our evening with some yummy crock pot chicken and dumplings :)
Recipe found here.

Unfortunately, our evening didn't end there.
X woke up almost every hour of the night half asleep crying and then was up for good by 3am! UGH!
We are still exhausted!!!

Giveaway Time!
We love a good Disney movie or TV show in our house so when I was contacted about hosting a giveaway for the new 
Sofia The First: Holiday In Enchancia
I couldn't refuse!
Welcome to the most magical time of the year! Celebrate with Sofia’s newest adventure in SOFIA THE FIRST: HOLIDAY IN ENCHANCIA, released on DVD November 4
Enter here for your chance to win a copy - http://tinyurl.com/mclo5lh

Running Time: 90 minutes
Synopsis: Deck the halls and ring in the season! It may be the coldest day of winter, but it's also the warmest, merriest adventure ever for SOFIA THE FIRST. Welcome to the most magical time of the year! This is Sofia's first Winter Holiday in the castle with her new family, but when King Roland goes missing in a raging snowstorm, Sofia leaders her mother, Amber and James on a brave expedition aboard a flying sleigh to find him. As the blizzard whirls around them, their hopes are nearly dashed -- until Princess Aurora appears and reminds Sofia that her animal friends might hold the key to finding her dad and reuniting her family. Sparkling with festive fun -- plus four additional song-filled episodes -- HOLIDAY IN ENCHANCIA celebrates the greatest gift of all: spending special days with the people you love!

X and I are anxiously awaiting our copy of the DVD and now you can enter to own it as well!
We love watching Sofia The First, and know we will love this DVD too!
Click here to enter today!

Don't fret boy mommies! 
If Sofia isn't your speed, I have two more fun Disney DVD giveaways coming up later this week.
They are perfect for Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers!

Don't forget!
Email either Deena or myself to join the fun!
A few people have asked about price, so I would just say no more than $25 for a scarf.
Once we post/email the partner list you can then contact that person to exchange address, favorite colors, etc.


  1. X looks so cute in that costume!!! My Grayson wore that same one! Thanks goodness it was a little big so I could layer on the clothes!!!

  2. He looks so cute!!!! I am beyond excited for the new drinks!!! Caramel brûlée is my favorite

  3. I could also spend hours...maybe days...going down Christmas isles. :) And X looks so stinkin cute in his Ninja Turtle costume!

  4. Cutest little ninja turtle! That donut makes me really hungry!

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