Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Fun

The snow started on Thursday for parts of Ohio and continued on and off through the weekend.
The snow we received on Thursday almost immediately turned to a sheet of black ice.
Accidents and closed roads were everywhere!
Things were back to normal for the Friday morning commute.
Thankfully we only got a dusting of snow until Sunday evening, but the temps were super cold all weekend!

On Friday, I bundled up with one of my favorite plaid scarves,
and even tried curling my hair with my flat iron (epic fail).

Any tips on how to curl with a flat iron are greatly appreciated!
The only bonus I got from using the flat iron instead of my curling iron was the body. I love big hair, but can hardly ever achieve it!

Friday afternoon I loaded up the back of my Jeep and donated a ton of toys to Toy Time
I have been wanting to do this for awhile now, and was happy to get it done before Christmas.
I loved seeing how much fun X had with some of those toys, and I wanted to spread the cheer :)

That evening was super low key.
We sat by the fire, watched some cartoons, X enjoyed his first candy cane of the season, while Mic and I enjoyed some yummy adult hot chocolate :)

On Saturday morning we finished decorating the small tree in the basement before X headed off to Grammy & P's house for the day.
Mic and I haven't had a date or just time to ourselves in quite awhile, so the break was wonderful!
We headed down to Columbus to do a little Christmas shopping, sip on some red cups, and have a nice kid-free dinner.
It was cold, but otherwise a great day!
We crossed a few things off our to-do list as well!
 The delicious pretzel bites from Matt the Miller's Tavern.
There are a few in Columbus, but the Dublin location is one of my favorite places to go :)

I realized Sunday morning that I didn't take many photos on Saturday :( #bloggerfail
But we were just enjoying ourselves and that was what was most important!

Sunday morning meant grocery shopping and laundry before watching the Cleveland Browns game.
Had I known that only a few players were going to show up (it was a bad game), I would have gotten a lot more done.
The life of a Browns fan.

The snow started coming down more before X's nap yesterday.
He was super excited! He can't wait to go outside and stomp around in it! lol!
I need to get him some boots asap!
Any suggestions?

The rest of our Sunday we caught up on dishes, picked up some toys, and Mic got a little office work done.
Other than that, it was bath & bed time.

How was your weekend?
Did you get a lot of snow where you live?
How is your Christmas shopping coming along?
Does anyone else go Black Friday shopping?

Happy Snowy Monday!

And it has been awhile, but I am linking back up with Bella & Lisa today for
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  1. I love donating, especially at Christmas time. I just delivered a bag of clothes and toys and have another one to deliver tomorrow. That's what gives me that tingly holiday feeling.

  2. i love that scarf!!! I too suck at curling w a straight iron

  3. Wait, what? Christmas shopping? What's that? I am so bad, I really need to start! I always say I won't leave it till the last minute, but I always do, because weekends just seem to get busy. I hope I'll have some time in the next few weeks, so I'm not scrambling days before Christmas trying to get everything done! Man we need a toy time by us, we have so much. I tried the curling with a straight iron too and it totally failed, I have no idea how to do it. On another, hopefully not creepy thing. I had a dream about you, that we met in real life, but you catfished me and you were not who you said you were...I was sad. Totally random and this comment is ridiculously long.

  4. A little jealous of your snow! Here in Raleigh, NC it is about 65 degrees and raining and tomorrow we welcome back the cold air back down to 40 degrees..oh the weather in NC (I hate it)

  5. Your scarf is so cute! And I don't think your hair looks like a fail!!! I don't have any tips (especially since my hair is so short now) except to practice!! I got better every time I tried, and I think the results w/ a flat-iron are better than a curling iron!

  6. Love your plaid blanket scarf! I need to get myself one of them!

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue