Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Colorful Weekend

Mic and I knew that he was going to be working quite a bit at the office on Saturday, so we decided to grab dinner out on Friday night with X.
The three of us headed to Applebee's (who doesn't like Applebee's) before 6pm, which meant 1/2 priced appetizers!
Of course we ordered the pretzel sticks and cheese!
Seriously, I could eat that as my meal! So good!
After stuffing ourselves we headed home to chill and watch some cartoons.
Yes, I am also that parent that brings the tablet along for times when X is being loud and crazy in public. #noshame

I ended my night with an adult hot chocolate :)

Saturday morning our town was a sheet of ice so Mic headed into the office early, while X and I stayed home and snuggled for a bit while watching TMNT of course.
Every night and weekend is the same for X and I :(
We watch cartoons or movies, play cars, have a little dance party, and then repeat it all.
I was tired of the same thing all the time, so I grabbed some blank canvas, paint, and cut a couple of paper snowflakes.

X loved painting!
I tried to limit his colors at first, and then realized I needed to just let go of trying to control everything.
WE had so much fun together :)

Our finished paintings :)
They are perfectly messy!

Mic was home by the time X woke up from his nap, so we piled in the car to grab some chicken nuggets (yes, I am that mom) and head to my in-laws house for a bit.
Of course not before doing the chicken nugget dance all around our house :)
I seriously need to record it next time!

We took a drive around town scoping out spots for our upcoming family photos, before heading home for dinner & a movie.
Of course X wanted trains, so we settled on the Polar Express (again).
I love seeing X so excited for Santa!
 I have a feeling this Christmas is going to be lots of fun :)

Sunday consisted of grocery shopping, raking leaves, almost having a heart attack watching the Cleveland Browns play, and making muffins.
My Browns love to play with your emotions and physical well being. lol!
They literally won the game with less than 10 seconds on the game clock! UGH! I hate nail biters!
But we won.

And speaking of muffins, have any of you tried this cornbread mix from Fleischmann's?
It is so good! X loves them too!
His daycare/preschool celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday so we made these yummy treats for all the kiddos.
They are seriously like a dessert! Delicious!
He was so excited to bring them to share with his friends :)

How was your weekend?
Did you put your Christmas tree up yet or are you holding out for this weekend?
And I am trying to come up with more fun crafts to do with X over the next month, so I am open to suggestions :)


  1. I've been craving hot chocolate SO bad but I'm counting calories daily until Thanksgiving and then again until Xmas. Momma's got to get some weight off before Disney World!!

  2. I spent my weekend going to open houses and seriously thinking about decorating for Christmas, but I'm holding out 'til Friday!
    That corn bread looks delish! I hope they sell it around here :)

  3. I was hoping there'd be a picture of your hair in here!!!!


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