Monday, December 30, 2013

A year in review - 2013

2013 sure has had its ups and downs!
I am coming out a year older, a year wiser, and much, much happier :)

We kicked off the year celebrating with some of our best friends :) This past year was about friendship for me and I couldn't ask for better friends that the ones I have! 
You know who you are ;)

In February I began this little journey that is X-tremely V :)
Thank you all so much for allowing me to be me, excepting me with open arms into the blogger world, and continually teaching me how to improve my little space in the world wide web :)

We enjoyed a day trip with X to Wooster where we visited the Smucker's Store & Lehman's Hardware.

We visited Chuck E. Cheese for the first time with X,
Mic and I celebrated 12 years together,
and we said safe travels to one of our best friends.

X began swim lessons and we shared an amazing Mother's Day weekend in Cincinnati :)
We also had some family photos done by the great Christy Rice :)

Mic and I had a great date night,
I enjoyed a fun Father's Day with my dad,
and I started taking a barre & pilates class with a good friend :)

I asked you all for help making my blog more appealing and my girl Erin came through big for me!

I jumped on the Pin-spired link up and saw some of my biggest page view #'s so far (thank you!), 
saw Daughtry live with my dad,
and started my Wedding series in countdown to our 7 year anniversary.

We took a mini vacation with X to Great Wolf Lodge,
and the NFL was back! Go Browns!

Mic and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary,
while also enjoying a wonderful vacation ( part 2 here) to the Smoky Mountains & Nashville!
I also hosted my 1st annual scarf exchange :)

Can you say most page views ever? November was great for this little blog! Thank you all so much!
I received my very first review item as a blogger too!
And we had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

This month has been busy, but fantastic!
This month started out with a sneak peek of our latest family photos from Christy Rice, our amazing and energetic little guy turned 2 years old, I turned 35 and saw an awesome show put on by Justin Timberlake,
and we enjoyed a very relaxing, fun Christmas with our friends and family (here and here).

How was 2013 for you?

Do you have any goals or resolutions set for 2014?
How will you be ringing in the new year?
Any special traditions for NYE or day?

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  1. i love these posts! I need to keep track of things this I can remember all the fun things

    1. The only way I kept track was by posting! lol!