Monday, September 9, 2013

Football is back!

The weekend was pretty relaxing despite watching lots of football that made
me bite my nails off and my skin breakout :(

Friday night was actually pretty low key.
We hung out with some good friends while having a few drinks
and some laughs :)
X enjoyed their swing set and then watched some toons with their kids.


Saturday was a very laid back day!
X and I watched some cartoons, Harry Potter, and some college football
while Mic got some work done.
We even took a long nap together :)

Then came Sunday!
Dah, dah, DAH!!!!
It was time to head to Cleveland to tailgate and watch the home opener
for the Cleveland Browns!
As a Browns fan I have learned to not get my hopes up,
but after preseason I was pretty pumped to see what my guys could do out there!

Enjoying a Redd's while tailgating :)

Since it was SUPER crowded in the parking lots downtown, we decided to take the
boat to the game.
Park for free, $25 a couple to ride down the river (& back) and over to the stadium.

My brother, me, my dad & step mom on the boat :)

A quick shot of Cleveland from the boat.
That is also where we normally park to tailgate for games.

Unfortunately, my guys didn't come away with a win yesterday :(
Honestly, the way they played...they didn't deserve it!
On a good note, all of the teams in our division lost this weekend.

After the game I raced home to see my little guy before bed :)
I can't believe how much I missed him after being away the night before and all day!

Blowing kisses to his grandparents last night for Grandparents Day :)

I seriously can't get enough of that cheesy grin :)

On a final note from the weekend...
My fantasy football has a slim shot at winning this week :(
Thankfully Tony Romo did well for Mic and I last night!
Now we just need DeSean Jackson to have a rock star game tonight :)
Go eXecution Factory!
How was your weekend?
Did you team pull off a win this weekend?

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