Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Wedding - Getting Ready

The big day was here!
No more planning, prepping, making phone calls, etc.
Everything was done and it was time to enjoy it!
before you continue :)
My mom, bridesmaids, flower girl and I started off the day with breakfast at Bob Evans.
We all had a very long day ahead of us and need to fuel up!
After we filled up,
we all headed back to the Holiday Inn to get ready :)

Side note: I have had those shoes for years prior to the big day! Super easy to get around in
and helped with the height difference (1 foot) between Mic and I :)
I had no problem wearing "old" shoes on my wedding day.

My childhood beautician and her daughter did our hair
while we each did our own makeup.
Things were fun, calm, simple.
Exactly the way I like it!

Who doesn't talk on their cell phone while getting ready on their wedding day?
And yes, it was cool then to get your pregame outfit embroidered with your new name and date!
Remember this was 2006 people! :)

The girls helped with the finishing touches of my dress
before heading over to the church in our limo :)

Meanwhile, Mic and the guys took a VERY relaxed approach to getting ready for the day.
They even enjoyed Mic's favorite cocktail of Hennessy & Pepsi before 
they made their way to the church.

The guys surprised Mic with this very generous gift while getting ready :)

Our photographer took quite a few photos of each of us with our family and friends
before the ceremony began.

The church was filling up and it was almost time to take the big walk down the aisle
with my dad.
Not before my dad and I had one last shot together though ;)
Tucked away in his tux was a little bottle of Bacardi Rum for him
and a little bottle of Vodka for me!
I wasn't nervous at all,
but taking that shot with my dad made for a great memory.
Within minutes after....we were being escorted to the front doors of the church :)

It's ceremony time!
Sneak peek photo :)

And remember how I said I wasn't too pleased with my photographer the
day of the wedding? 
How is this for you...
That photo of my dad and I walking down the aisle is the ONLY photo of me coming
down the aisle!!!!!
Are you serious???

Check back soon for the next installment of My Wedding Series :) 

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