Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Wedding - The Ceremony

It's time to become Mic's wife!!!
The church was decorated, everything was in place,
and the guests were seated.

My mom made all of our programs, key tags, favor bags, etc.
She is AMAZING!!!

Since Mic and I met working at a car dealership together,
cars played a big part on our wedding day.
Instead of throwing rice or blowing bubbles,
we had key tags with our names and date attached to a couple of blank
car keys to jingle as we walked out of the church.

Again, the ONLY photo of me coming down the aisle with my dad :(
Still kind of amazed the photographer got this shot
since he missed 2 out of 5 bridesmaids :(

This might be one of my favorite shots of the day.

I couldn't stop smiling and giggling the whole time! :)

Our adorable little flower girl :)
She was so cute facing the guests during the whole ceremony.

The unity candle was lit!
In the home stretch now :)

Our minister saying the final prayer.

You may kiss the bride!!!!

The new Mr. & Mrs. :)

One of only a few photos I have as an adult with my parents.

Mic with his mom and dad.

Notice the photographer was really good...took this shot in the back room of the church!
We don't even have a formal picture of Mic and his parents on our wedding day....
and none with each of the groomsman!!!
Sorry for the added venting.
Pictures from your wedding day should make you think of happy times
in my opinion.

Our ceremony was only about 30 minutes long.
The minister read a couple of scriptures we had picked out,
we recited the traditional vows,
and exchanged rings.
It was a super simple ceremony.
Again, just the way I like it :)

How did you meet your spouse?
Did your big day go as planned?
Which parent do you think I look like?

Only a few short weeks and posts to go until our anniversary!
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