Monday, September 16, 2013

Back to the Grind

It is Monday once again and that means
work is here again and the weekend is over :(

Here is my weekend recap with photos...

We hit up the Bellville Street Fair on Friday night with X :)
You know this mommy loves her child when she is willing to go look at
farm animals! lol!
We had some perfect fall weather for it...
meaning the stinkiness wasn't so bad ;)

The pigs were trying to eat Mic's boots, while the goats were having fun trying to eat my jacket!

Mic was making up for not smiling in the the first photo, so he made
a goofy face here :)
Those old tractors were beautiful!

Saturday morning smiles :)
We actually call him "Smiler" after the character Sylar on Heroes.
X is killing people with his smiles :)

X and I headed north for my cousin's birthday party on Sunday,
so we decided to make a quick stop at my dad's house to watch the kickoff of
the Browns/Ravens game with him.

There was lots of playing at the party once X warmed up to everyone :)
Since my cousin was showing off his skills climbing a tree,
X had to do it as well!
My mom helped him "sit" in the tree :)

Playing with the birthday boy's new football helmet :)
Some days I seriously can't get enough of this kid!

The unfortunate part of the weekend was that my Cleveland Browns lost again :(
Come on guys! Get it together!!!

So what did you do this weekend?
Did your team win?

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