Tuesday, September 17, 2013

August Birchbox Review & New Jeans

Yeah, yeah, yeah...it is September I know.
I have to try these bad boys out before I review them don't I?
Yes, I do!
So here is what I received in my August Birchbox.
(Click here to see my July review.)

I started trying it the evening I received my box, and I haven't stopped.
It is super light weight on your skin, and works really well with my sensitive skin.
No breakouts from it make it a winner in my book :)

Next we have Miss Jessie's Original Rapid Recovery Treatment & Super Sweetback Treatment.
I honestly have not tested either of these out since I just got my hair colored.
I didn't want to strip my color right after I paid to have it done.
I honestly plan on forwarding these on to my cousin next time I see her :)

I am a chapstick every day of the week girl, so lipstick in my box
isn't the most exciting thing in the world.
I did try out this ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick and loved it!
I received Dusk Till Dawn and the color couldn't be more spot on for me!
Just enough color to know it is there, but not so much color to drive me crazy.

I plan on trying this Violet Oasis 100% Organic Argan Oil when I run out of my Juice Beauty moisturizer. I already use morrocan oil on my hair, so I plan to save this for my face.
And since it is good for dry skin, I am hoping it will help during the colder months
when I am forced to constantly be indoors in the dry heat.

I was happy to receive some Birchbox designed bobby pins.
My layers are on the longer side these days, so I haven't needed to use them.
Unfortunately, these might be headed in my cousin's direction as well if I don't
find a time to use them :(

Now, onto my new jeans!

Vigoss Destroyed Skinny Jeans (Juniors)

If you don't already read Sheaffer's blog every day,
what is wrong with you?
Seriously, check her out here. Like now!
Her blog is called Pinterest Told Me To and it is great!
I actually picked up this blazer (oatmeal color now sold out) based on this post!

While I didn't pick up the exact leopard flats she mentions in this post,
I did get this exact pair from Target and they are heavenly :)
They fit great, and don't rub!

The final item I let Sheaffer and Pinterest tell me what to purchase
was the Vigoss distressed jeans found here.
I originally ordered the size I thought I needed and was
pleasantly surprised they were WAY TOO BIG!
That boosts your body image a bit :)
Unfortunately, these jeans have been a hot seller since Sheaffer's many posts
highlighting how great they are and the amazing price!
I did manage to look on the right day to see the size suggested by Nordstrom for me
was now available!
I hit order as fast as I could and the correct size arrived last week!
Love them!
They fit perfectly, and really feel like a nice pair of jeans!
I have been dying to get a pair of distressed jeans and I so happy I let Sheaffer and
her blog tell me to buy this exact pair!
I will definitely be looking at the Vigoss brand for more jeans in the future :)

Oh, and another thing...
I was a Nordstrom virgin until I bought the blazer mentioned above.
The closest one to me is over an hour away people!
Anyways, I called customer service after getting these jeans the first time in the incorrect size.
The guy on the phone was super nice and helpful!
He went out of his way to call stores around the country to see if they had my size!
And to make it even a better shopping experience...
Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns!
You can't lose!
I just wish there was a store closer to me :)

Have you come across any must have items for your closet?
Do you shop at a store with amazing customer service?

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