Friday, September 27, 2013

Oh Friday, how I love thee

I really do love today!
Do you know why?
I am only 1 week away from vacation!!!!!
Waiting until October to take your one and only 1 week vacation is too much!
Hoping I can get through the 4 day work week next week without totally spacing out :)

Anyways, let's celebrate this week!

The Cleveland Browns WON on Sunday!
It even came down to the final drive of the game
and our QB delivered!
As a Browns fan I don't get to say that very often at all!
Let's try it again this weekend against Cincinnati.
Especially since I will be at the game :)

I have been suffering from a horrible eye irritation/infection since the weekend :(
Thankfully my eye doctor gave me some drops to use
and they are working :)
My eyes have cleared up quite a bit.
I actually can see to drive myself places!
On Monday, I couldn't even open my eyes,
so that really is a huge improvement!

My wonderful mom spent the night over the weekend and just helped me get through every day life.
Folding laundry, watching X, you name it!
Sometimes you just need your mom,
and she came through big time for me this past weekend :)

So many TV premieres, so little time!
I have managed to watch a few new comedies,
and of course watched the new episode of Nashville :)
LOVE that show!!!
It was so good, and yet so irritating!

After going 0-2 the first couple weeks of fantasy football,
eXecution Factory finally pulled off a W!
Do you think it had anything to do with the Browns win?
Hmm, maybe?! ;)

That's all for today folks!
How was your week?
How is your fantasy football team doing?
What do you think of the season premieres so far?

Have a great weekend and GO BROWNS!!!!!

Linking up today with Lauren for H54F,
and Darci for Five on Friday :)


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