Thursday, September 5, 2013

21 Months

WOW did that last month fly by!
My little guy is growing and learning like crazy lately!

Here are the highlights from the last month...

He loves to read his books!
Every morning and night he brings his Words book, Chuggington book,
and more for Mic and I to read with him.
He loves to point out each animal, vehicle, food, etc.!

He has been doing more and more repeating of words as well!
Cheese, Apple, Car, Truck, are just a few of them :)

He is more infatuated than ever with semi-trucks, planes, and trains!
I think I know the theme of his 2nd birthday party ;)

He is a really good eater!
He will eat any fruit you put in front of him,
still loves his corn and green beans,
and is a sucker for gold fish crackers and pretzels :)

Watched Cars 2 with Mic and actually stayed focused on the movie :)

Still goes crazy and dances every time he hears the following songs...

Will come running from a room away if he hears the theme song to
Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sophia the first,
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Chuggington.

And gets super excited to watch any episode of

Mommy and daddy love this show too!
Of course we know all the words to the theme song :)

He loves to drink his milk or water and then say "ahh" afterwards.

Still not a very good sleeper at night,
but wakes up every morning with a smile on his face and ready to play!

Varies between 18 month and 3t in clothing (crazy how different each brand is),
and is wearing a size 7 shoe easily!

Loves playing with other kids, and sharing toys :)

Obsessed with going down slides!
The bigger, the better...and all by himself!

Alright, that is enough for this month!
Thank you all for still sticking around ;)

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