Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Favorite Movies

Some days you just feel like making a list!

Just thinking about writing this post,
makes me worry that I will leave a wonderful gem of a movie out.
Seeing as my tastes change from time to time,
this list could easily be revisited and revamped at another time.

I am not a big movie girl, so it takes a lot to make my list.
It might be because I rarely go to the movies, or watch any movies anymore.
I honestly don't have that much time!

Anyways, on with the list!

My Favorite Movies

Sweet Home Alabama

What girl doesn't dream of getting to have the entire Tiffany's store in NYC to herself?
While Dempsey is "dreamy", Josh Lucas stole my heart in this movie :)
And one of my favorite lines...
"you have a baby, in a bar"

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

I would watch this all.the.time!
I wanted to be a DTV dancer!
I would dance around in our family room while I watched this movie :)


Any girl who tells you that she doesn't like this movie is lying to you!
I wanted Cher's closet so badly!
I still want it!
So many classic lines from this great movie, but the best saying to come from it...
"As if!"

The Hunt for Red October

I watched this movie many, many years ago and I honestly don't know why it was one of my faves for so long.
It has to be that Scottish accent that Sean Connery has that pulls me in!
The real reason is probably because I watched this with my dad and we
both seemed to enjoy it :)


I have always had an obsession with fire, not firemen.

Adventures In Babysitting

I watched this over, and over, and over as a kid!
While I loved the movie, it might be the reason I never became a babysitter! lol!

Can't Buy Me Love

My elementary school friend Lisa and I wore out the VHS tape I had of this movie
we watched it so many times!
I think to this day I can still recite every word of the movie!
Oh, and this is also where Dempsey first became a household name.

Alright, I already listed 7 movies and my mind is going crazy with more!
Looks like this post will have to continue in the future for sure :)
Besides, I haven't even touched on any animated or Disney movies!

What are your favorite movies?

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  1. Yess Sweet Home Alabama....something about Reese in that movie, I love her.

    One of my favorites is definitely Ratatouille (or any Pixar movie)...but I can also watch Hook or a League of Their Own on repeat too.

    1. Reese is awesome in that movie! I actually had my hair stylist cut my hair like hers was in the movie way back when :)

      I like Ratatouille, but I would probably have to picks Cars :) I will definitely be doing a Disney/pixar list in the future!

  2. I could watch Clueless on repeat, every day!