Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Better late than never right?

My mind was drawing a serious blank thinking about what to write today.
I mean, I could easily come up with a bunch of random things, but not just one decent topic.
So it is only fitting I link up with Shanna

I am beyond excited that our vacation is only a couple weeks away!
9 days away to be exact :)
Honestly, not sure how I am going to manage to leave X behind :(
Do you have any fun road trips or vacations planned this fall?

After about 5 days of trying to figure out the iPhone update, I still don't like it!
I do not the colors,
making it look super cartoonish to me :(
Do you have an iPhone?
What do you think of the update?
Any tips/tricks I can try out to like it?

While I find it extremely hard to put into words how I feel about the Cleveland Browns trading Trent Richardson last week,
they did suck me right back in with the win on Sunday over the Vikings!
That is what they do :(
But in the end, I will always love them!
Headed to the game this weekend vs. that other Ohio team ;)
Alright Ohio girls...who are you rooting for this weekend Browns or Bengals?

And I will close with a random fact about me :)

I am a coordinated klutz!
Does that even make sense?
If I am playing a sport of some kind or working out I have complete coordination.
However, if I am just operating in my normal every day life...not so much :(
I will trip over my own feet all the time,
spill or drop things for no reason,
burn myself with the curling iron,
walk into the awning on a camper because I just plain didn't see it.
The list goes on and on!
Do any of you have this problem?
Tell me a random fact about yourself :)

It's Hump Day!


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  1. woo woo Browns!! I'm so excited- this is the first regular season game I get to go to!


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