Friday, September 20, 2013


I have no catchy title for today.
Heck, I can barely come up with 5 things that were remotely good about this week!
I don't mean to be a downer,
but did you see what the Cleveland Browns did this week?
If you didn't, all you missed was an NFL team giving up and throwing in the towel
after only 2 games!
Have you ever heard of something so stupid?
I honestly don't want to watch on Sunday.
In my 34 years of existence I have always worn by orange and brown on game days.
This weekend, I don't know if I can because I am filled with so much anger :(

Alright, alright.
Determined to turn this post around!

5 on Friday is brought to you by
and a few other amazing bloggers.

2 weeks from today I will officially be on vacation!!!
Anyone interested in guest blogging? :)

T.J.Maxx now has an online store!
Awesome! Sweet! Poor Wallet :(

Enjoyed my first pedicure of the summer on Saturday.
Yes, I know Fall begins on Sunday. So what!
I did get a Fall color! Orange :)

Fall TV shows are back!!!
For a TV addict like myself, this is great news :)

Grand Theft Auto 5 came out on Tuesday!
I am not a gamer, sometimes I secretly wish I was.
My husband loves all the GTA games, so this was like Christmas, the Superbowl, and his birthday all wrapped into one!
It truly makes him happy,
so in turn it makes me happy :)

What are your top 5 things of the week?
Are you or your spouse into video games? 

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  1. The Browns really did just roll over and die. What is up with them?!

    1. They are just idiots! Have been my entire life :(

  2. Seriously, who trades away their best player after week 2? Oh, the Browns. As you know, I'm not a Browns fan but I feel bad for my friends who are. Unreal.

    I haven't had a pedicure all summer either. I should fix that.

    1. Exactly!!! It's weird how the national guys think this was a great move, but us fans sure don't think so! The amount just my family spends alone on season tickets is crazy. Now we basically are throwing our money down the drain this year. Sucks! Thanks for caring for us Browns fans :)

      Yes, the pedi was well worth it! I don't care if Fall is here...I will be getting one while on vacation too :)