Monday, December 9, 2013

The weekend that never was

In my post on Friday I stated that we were celebrating X's 2nd birthday this weekend with 
family and friends....that never happened :(
X was sent home from school on Friday sick, and we had to cancel the party :(
No cupcakes, no kids running around playing with cars or trains, 
no enjoying time with friends and family. 
We did enjoy a surprise visit from my mom that involved cake & birthday presents :)

In the end, I am so glad we called off the party.
Mic ended up with the bug that X had on Friday, I ended up with his cold, 
and the roads were pretty icy :(

Here are some of the photos from the enjoyable parts of our weekend...

 We drove by a house on Friday night that was completely decked out with lights, lawn ornaments, you name it! 
Check out those windows!!!

 X loved the the presents my mom brought for him!
 Time for cake!!!!

On Sunday I had a few minutes to myself, so I swung into a local greenhouse that was having a holiday open house. 
It was just what I needed!

How was your weekend?

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  1. awww sorry your little man got sick....hope he is feeling better!!!!

    those lights omg that is amazing!!!!!!

    i love local places like above, I need to make a trip to ours really soon to get some new decorations

  2. X is doing much better and I am hoping to have his party this weekend :)
    That house goes all out every year that I have lived here. It is crazy! Now some of the houses near it have joined in as well!
    I could go to Christmas places year round! I would love to be able to go up to Bronner's all the time!

  3. Those Christmas lights look phenomenal! Glad that you were able to make the best of it even though the little one was sick.


    1. Thanks Sean & thanks for stopping by! Hoping to celebrate with him and a few of his little "friends" this weekend :)