Friday, December 13, 2013

What a week

It all started with 2 sick guys and 
ended with an amazing show by Justin Timberlake and free Starbucks!

Christmas is almost here! Every day I have come home to sights like this!

 We received X's school pictures this week and they are so good!!!! This is just one of them....doesn't he look like he could be 5 or 8 or something, not 2!!!

I finally have my basement back and that means QT with the treadmill! I have forced myself to at least get a mile in every night since Sunday :) Last night was my exception....dancing at the JT concert definitely burnt some calories (and took my voice) :)

 Pictures do not do our seats justice! We had amazing seats!

Words can not describe how amazing JT was! He played for almost 3 hours straight!!!! It is definitely up there as one of the best shows I have ever been to! Highlight of the night...Justin did a shout out to Section 109...MY SECTION!!!
They put a spotlight on us and we had front row seats :)
My cousin and I joked that of course Justin saw us since we were right up front ;)

What better way to end the week than to receive a free Starbucks drink of choice for my birthday?!?!

How was your week?

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Have a great weekend!
More JT photos and such to come next week :)

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  1. Love the school photo of X!
    The JT concert sounds amazing!

    1. Thanks Rachel! Oh my goodness, JT was SO good!

  2. I seriously love Amazon boxes on my porch when I come home. I'm embarrassed to admit I signed up for Amazon Prime several months ago and have become a complete addict!

    1. Ha ha! Amazon prime is the best! I honestly sign up up each year at Christmas time for free and then cancel at 30 days. I get all my presents shipped for free then :)