Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Birthday Weekend

For the most part my weekend started on Thursday night when I attended the Justin Timberlake concert in Cleveland. I got some work things done on Friday, 
and also finished up my Christmas shopping! 
I managed to bake a quick batch of sandwich cookies (recipe found here) too!

 My cousin and I ordered enough food for 12 people! 
Fathead's is so good though!!!
 Preshow for JT :)
 iPhone sucks at concerts!
Justin's arrival on stage :)

Saturday it snowed. And snowed. And snowed :(
We did manage to run a few errands though.

Then I was off to Cleveland to have dinner with my dad and step mom 
for my early birthday dinner :)

 We went to Rocky River Brewing Co. for dinner on Saturday and had some really good food!
Ribs, pretzel crusted chicken, and cabbage and noodles...OH MY!

My dad and I enjoyed an evening of listening to our favorite music together as well :) It has been way too long since we were able to do it, and it was wonderful!

Then Sunday morning we headed downtown for the Cleveland Browns game for our annual Father/Daughter day :) The food was good, the beers and hot chocolate were flowing, but the Browns still managed to disappoint us :(

Nothing else to do but goof off! WE.WERE.FREEZING!!!

Yesterday was my actual birthday, but it was pretty low key.
I stopped and picked up Starbucks before work,
found out one of my tires was going flat,
enjoyed lunch from Panera Bread,
and then headed to Cracker Barrel with some friends and their son for dinner since we didn't get to have a party for X.

My birthday cupcake from Panera :)

Best part of my day was bath time with this little guy :)

Honest moment here....
I do not like the idea of a birthday month, week, weekend, whatever. I grew up that your birthday is your special day. It is so hard to except that it doesn't always work out to celebrate on the actual day.

All in all, I had a good birthday and I am sure the celebration will continue when I see the rest of my family and friends. I just would like it to be on December 16th every year :)

So how was your weekend?
Any holiday parties or dinners coming up?
Are you ready for Christmas? It's only 8 days away!!!!!

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  1. First of all, I AM SO JEALOUS you got to see JT! and SECOND , That food looks amazing!

    I'm having a weekend recap linkup on my blog:

    Showered With Design

    1. It was a great show! The food was so good :) Thanks for stopping by :)