Thursday, December 19, 2013

December Birchbox

I received my December Birchbox the other day and I haven't even looked at it yet! So I decided what better way to explore the last box I was going to receive from Birchbox (more on that below) than to share it with all of you :)

Holiday 2013

 Secret Agent Beauty
Nourishing & Plumbing Lip Gloss in Foreign Intelligence Flirt
Full size $18
Just the right amount of color for a gloss, 
and I love the fresh feeling you get from the plumping ingredients :)

 Skin&Co Roma
Truffle Therapy Serum Boosting Anti-aging Serum
Full Size $75
I love anti-aging products, and since I just turned 35 the other day this is perfect!

Fondant Firming Cream
Full size $55
Firming lotions have been my go-to for years!

 Number 4
Non Aerosol Hairspray
Full size $30
This will most likely get tossed into my purse for those on the go times, 
but I am an aerosol girl most of the time.

Hair Ties
Six pack $10
Anxious to try this out actually.
I am always pulling my hair back, so the more hair ties the better!

Why is this my last Birchbox?
While the products that I have received over the last 6 months have been alright, they are all way out of my price range if I were to buy them in the full size :(
I enjoy sampling items that I could actually purchase if I like them!
So with that, I am switching over to Ipsy :)
It is also a $10 monthly subscription, but it is products I can actually afford! And you receive them in a cute little makeup bag :) Who wouldn't want that?
And if you want to join Ipsy, just click on the link found here!

Do you receive any monthly subscriptions?
Are there any others I should check out in the new year?

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  1. LOVE ipsy! It is wayyyy better than Birchbox - you will love it!

  2. Ipsy is definitely better I stopped subscribing for a little while but I think I may start back up in the new year, it's nice to just get some mail once a month

    1. It is great getting things in the mail :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Lindsey! I can't wait to start getting them in the mail :)