Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sheldon the Elf

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen the photos of our Elf Sheldon.
If not, today is photo dump day...enjoy!

Also, I am not being very creative right now since X isn't too into his Elf this year :( If I remind him that we need to go find Sheldon he will, but otherwise no interest at 2.
Maybe next year!

Day 1 - Our Elf arrived with all the ingredients for a good Sunday breakfast

Day 2 - Sheldon was found by Xavier's first photo with Santa

 Day 3 - X loves his milk! He was laughing like crazy when he saw Sheldon in the fridge :)

Day 4 - Sheldon loves our Christmas trees, but especially the Smores' tree!

Day 5 - Sheldon was sleeping in X's bed on the morning of his birthday. X liked that, but wouldn't sleep with him :( He did lean over and kiss him on the forehead :)

Day 6 - We found Sheldon tagging along with our Penguin stair climber

Day 7 - Since we had to cancel X's birthday party, 
Sheldon left him a little note to feel better soon :)

Day 8 - Sheldon got into the buttery popcorn from the night before 
and it didn't agree with him :(

Day 9 - Sheldon (and X) thought it was funny to take a ride on Rudolph!

Day 10 - Sheldon was playing hide and seek with X...we found him inside one of our stockings hanging from the mantle :)

Can't wait to see what Sheldon will do next!
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Did an Elf join your family this year?
Any ideas on how to keep a 2 year old interested in it?

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