Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas

I will not be posting tomorrow or Wednesday, 
so I want to wish all of you wonderful followers 
a very Merry Christmas!

No matter how many times I save the above images, they look crooked. Oh well!
The photos above do not do the card justice!
They came out great!
I know a lot people use Mintedtinyprints, and Shutterfly 
but I have always used Walmart.
Most days I can't stand Walmart!
The store drives me crazy, but ordering anything online is wonderful! 
The Photo Store there is really good, but still offers Walmart prices.
You can't beat it, unless you are printing them yourself!
And even then, I might spend more on quality photo paper or card stock, etc.
I ordered 60 front & back photo paper cards and only paid $44!
I paid nearly the same just for the stamps!

If you are in the market for photo prints, books, calendars, invitations, etc. 
check out Walmart's Photo Store online

Again, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

And while I won't be posting here, I will be on social media.
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  1. What a beautiful card!!! I love it.
    Next year, I want to do an outdoor photo shoot like you did!

    1. Thanks Rachel! Last year we had photos done in a botanical garden with everything decorated for Christmas. I loved it, but I really wanted to get outside this year :) It was absolutely freezing though!!!!

  2. What a Card !! I will go for making a cheapest canvas prints or custom canvas prints for making a big panoramic canvas prints hanging to my wall or bed room.