Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Bucket List

So many things, so little time!
December is busy for so many reasons...
Xavier's Birthday
My Birthday
My Mother-in-law's Birthday (same day as me)
My Step mom's Birthday
Holiday Parties
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
New Year's Eve & New Year's Day
And....I am seeing JT next week!!!!!

Add all the extra fun things you want to do this time of year and it leaves very little time to eat, sleep, or even think about work!

Since all the things I mentioned above are things that can't be changed, I am only adding a few things to my list this month.

X-tremely V's
December Bucket List

Visit Santa (Completed 12/1!)
Drive around and look at Christmas lights
Bake Christmas cookies
Watch a few Christmas classics with X
(Rudolph & The Grinch completed by 12/2!)

My biggest wish on this list is to be able to enjoy the month!
Don't stress out about the perfect Christmas present, or how much fun I have planning X's birthday party, or that I don't get be with all my immediate family on Christmas day.

This month (and coming year) I will enjoy the little things, and be happy with who I am!

What is on your December bucket list?
Do you follow the same traditions every year or rotate with your spouse?

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  1. Yay for another December birthday....when is yours?

    Right now our biggest is to go see lights and bake some cookies

    1. Yeh! X is tomorrow (the 5th) and I am the 16th :) How about you?

      Do you go downtown Pittsburgh for lights? I bet it is beautiful on the river :)

  2. And I thought MY December was busy. WHEW! Momma is on the MOVE this time of year! :)

  3. That's a lot of December babies, my goodness!! But, that's fun, all that celebrating :) Can't wait to see what cookies you bake, you've already listed so many great ideas.

    1. It is fun to celebrate, but stressful at the same time! :( I think I am going with the sandwich and snowball ones :) Super easy!