Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Weekend & Christmas Part 1

We had a fantastic weekend and it carried over into Christmas too :)
Hope you all had a magical Christmas as well!

First, let's rewind to the weekend...

Friday night we finished up wrapping presents and then made some edible Christmas trees :)

 Mic's, X's, and my Christmas trees :)

Saturday night we headed down to Columbus with some great friends for dinner at Eddie Merlot's, but first we stopped by Whole Foods. Honestly, I was busy tasting wine so I didn't take many photos :( I did manage to take a shot of the fresh fish counter...
 This is just gross to someone who doesn't eat fish!

The parts of dinner I was there for were delicious...
I ended up super dizzy for the 2nd night in a row and had to leave before eating my meal to lay down in the car :(
At least we have leftovers :)

Sunday we tried to keep busy while we watched the Cleveland Browns suck once again.
X decided it was more fun to play in our cat's new litter box than it was to actually watch the game...

We ended our weekend with some super yummy Chipotle :)

Silly me did not realize how little time I would have to write this post, nor did I realize just how many pictures I would take celebrating Christmas (it went on for 3 days!).
So with that I am ending here and posting part 2 later this afternoon. 

To be continued....

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