Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Fun

Welcome to another work week! Everyone I know seems to dislike Mondays and going back to work, but I don't mind it at all. Mondays put me back into my normal routine (I love routine), and are usually more relaxing than my weekend! Another reason Mondays aren't so bad is because it is a time to reflect on the fun we had over the weekend :)

So on with the weekend recap....

As I stated in this post, Friday night was "Parent's Night Out" at X's daycare. What does that mean you ask? From 6-10pm X got to hangout with the teachers at his daycare while Mic & I got to enjoy an adult evening out! YEH!!!

We spent our evening with our good friend in Columbus. Our first stop was the Worthington Barber Shop so Mic could experience a "real" haircut from TJ's barber. lol! He has been cutting his own hair for at least 15 years now!

 Mic LOVED the hot towel at the end :)

We then headed out to dinner at Tora for some sushi! 8-10 rolls of sushi! Some how we managed to eat it all :)

No trip to Columbus is complete without stopping at Whit's for some frozen custard!

Chocolate with rainbow sprinkles = YUM!

Me with the two Best Friends :)

We then headed back home to pick up our crazy little guy. He unfortunately ate too much (junk & sugar) and was up on and off all evening sick :(

Saturday was a new day though and X was feeling much better :) X and I had a Princess & Prince birthday party to go to! I think he was in shock over all the toys he had to play with there :) His favorites had to be the trampoline and the pink vacuum cleaner. lol! Side note on the trampoline....X is teething again and he decided the handle on the trampoline was a nice chew toy! UGH!

 X and the pink vacuum cleaner
 Trampoline fun!
Chew time! 

He also REALLY, REALLY enjoyed the pink frosted cupcakes for dessert! He is just like his father! lol!

Yummy cupcakes :)

X got to have a little fun, ok A LOT of fun with Uncle TJ before going to bed :)

 A little blurry, but so cute!
 You can't keep me down!
X & Uncle TJ

Sunday was a super lazy day for X and I while Mic painted the basement. We did manage to take a trip to Lowe's and pick up some Chipotle for dinner. X loves the rice at Chipotle!

It was another great weekend!

So what did you do this weekend?

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V


  1. that sounds like a fun weekend (minus X getting sick from what he ate!) After reading this, I am now in the mood for cupcakes or frozen custard. We have a cute little custard place a couple blocks away, and we drive past it to go anywhere, so it becomes a major temptation. They even post the daily flavors on a sign close to the street, which makes it all the more tempting :) Hope your week has started off well!


    1. It was a really good time :) Cupcakes are my weakness! I love eating them, baking them, etc.! I wouldn't be able to resist the custard shop if I lived that close to one :) Thank you & I hope you have a great week as well!