Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Anything Goes Wednesday

Wednesday is here again!
Once again that means anything goes!

Here are the things I have been thinking about, excited for, etc.

I have a much needed hair appointment this evening for a cut & color!

Love this style right now

Things are still looking good that X is on the mend :)

Yogurt Nose :)

The weather is beautiful in Ohio (at the moment)

Our friend TJ officially announced he has joined the Peace Corps.
He leaves next week for Uganda for 27 months :(

Friday night is "Parents Night Out" at X's daycare :)
We are thinking of heading out for Sushi and then frozen custard at Whit's :)

X & I have a 4 year old birthday party to go to this weekend :)

Love that I made the jump to Distributor with AdvoCare
My new products arrived yesterday :)
Check out my site here!

I thoroughly enjoy the 90's music channels on Time Warner Cable & Spotify!
En Vogue, Pearl Jam, etc. just makes my day!

That's all for today folks!

What are your random thoughts for today?

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V




  1. Haha en vogue, I haven't heard that song in so long!! Hilarious! Enjoy your salon appointment!

    1. I used to LOVE En Vogue! lol! Thank you :) My salon visit was wonderful!

  2. V,
    hope you have a relaxing hair appointment tonight!!
    Parents Night Out is definitely something to look forward to, can't remember the last time Steve and I went on a date! Probably 19 months ago before a certain someone arrived. ;)

    1. Thank you Rachel, it was nice to have a couple of grown-up hours to myself :) In the beginning we tried to go out by ourselves a little more often, but the older X gets the harder it is :( We are actually spending our evening out with our friend Tim (joined the Peace Corps.) before he leaves next week. I think our daycare will be doing Parent's Night Out once a month from now on. Super excited about that! :)