Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Style Me Pretty Tuesday

Recent purchases and online shopping are the topics of conversation today. They go hand in hand a little bit since a couple of my recent purchases were made online.

So I stated in this post that I recently ordered a few tops and a dress from the Loft, as well as a couple pairs of khaki's from the Gap. Well my orders arrived over the weekend and my thoughts are these...

Loft tops run really big! Size charts are WAY off!
I'm fairly conservative, but I felt Amish in these items!
Going down a size wouldn't make a difference :(

Love the comfort of the Gap khaki's!
I ordered by measurements, not by my usual size...result = a bit big :(
Two of the exact same pairs of pants fit quite a bit different from each other. 

Conclusion...I returned the items I purchased from the Loft. If all of their items have a similar cut or sizing (which the store employee said they do), than the Loft just isn't for me :(

I did keep the khaki's from the Gap and I am actually wearing the stone colored ankle length ones today :) I am thinking I will take them to get tailored just a bit to fit a little better. Now to find a tailor that is cheap! :)

Before I get to online shopping, here a couple other items I picked up this weekend while in Columbus...

This navy blue tee from Forever 21 along with the navy blue skirt below...

I also scored this new Instant Radiance Foundation from Sephora...

If X wasn't so sick on Sunday, I would have definitely hit up Nordstrom, Macy's and J.Crew :)

On to online shopping!

I don't mind online shopping, in fact I prefer it during the holidays when buying gifts for other people. When it comes to purchases for myself, online shopping just doesn't work so well. Unfortunately, now that I have X I don't have much time to actually get out there and try things on :(  Hence my recent online shopping from the Loft and the Gap. I run into the problem of loving what an item looks like online or even in the store for that matter, but once I get to try it on it looks horrible on me! But again, since online shopping is my best option right now I am trying my best :)

The Loft order experience has me hesitant to place an order from a store I have never shopped at before. But then again, I shopped at the Gap years ago and still today the sizes aren't completely accurate. I am determined to find some stores that fit my body type, etc. without having to do too many, if any alterations. I only ordered the one chambray shirt from J.Crew Factory last month, but the fit was wonderful! I think I might check out what else they have to offer and keep my fingers crossed that most items run the same as the shirt I have :) Wish me luck!

Do you prefer online shopping or going to the store?
What stores work best for you to online shop?
What stores do you have to go to to get the right size?
Do your measurements fit the size charts correctly?

Sale/Discount Notices
J.Crew Factory 40% off site wide, ends @ midnight
Gap 15% off women's & men's styles with code GAPSTYLE, ends @ midnight
Macy's 15% off 1 pair of shoes with code GREAT
20% off of 2 pairs, 30% off of 3 pairs!
NY and Company All Crops & Shorts Buy one, get one 50% off

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V


  1. I like your new navy blue skirt!
    I do like online shopping, but try to look for free shipping before I buy. I like that Nordstrom always has free shipping. And I love my Target red card because we don't have a Target, and I get a discount as well as free shipping on anything! new follower :)


    1. Thanks Rachel! I recently received a gift card for Nordstrom so I might have to check out the website now that I know they offer free shipping :) I feel so bad for you without a Target near by! Before X, I used to go to Target just for a feel good vibe! Lol! Sometimes I even walked out empty handed! Thanks for the follow :)

  2. I hate buying online. Even if I love the store and buy clothes regularly from there, I still go in and try on. In one place, I can wear some shirts in XS but then require a size 6 blouse. The same is found with skirts. I can try on a size 4 or 8 from the same store and they both may fit. It goes with fit, style and cut. I prefer to just go and try on to find the right piece. I do leave very frustrated sometimes. :(

    As a side note about the Gap...Jeff has gotten jeans from Old Navy (a sister store). Each one fits differently although they are the same size and style. He bought 4 pairs; 1 is too small, 1 is way too big and 2 fit okay. I don't get it if they are cutting them all from the same pattern.

    I sometimes buy vintage just because the quality of the clothes was a lot better 20 years ago. It might also be because more items were US made and not cheaply made on foreign soil. That is my opinion though.

    Good luck with your shopping!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Christina. I run into the same problem at most the stores I shop :( Unfortunately with X it is pretty much impossible to get to the stores to actually try things on :( Maybe when he is a little bit older :)