Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Anything Goes Wednesday

Once again it is Wednesday, and that means anything goes!

If all goes according to plan this weekend will be the Grand Opening of Kool Berry! It is a frozen yogurt shop located in Olmsted Falls, Ohio. Friends of ours are opening this shop and we couldn't be more excited for them on their new adventure. Check out their website or Facebook page today!

Are you an Android lover or an Apple supporter? About 6 months ago I made the leap from the Droid X to the iPhone 5. I still don't know how to use everything on my phone! UGH! My biggest pet peeve with the iPhone 5 is the inability to download ring tones with the click of a button or the download of an app :( I know most adults probably just use the ring tones that are preloaded on their phones, but I am a kid at heart! I love having different music play when my phone rings. I enjoy having a different song play based on who is calling if I am tied up with X, I know if the call is something I need to try to answer right away or not.

So I am asking you readers....
Do you have an iPhone?
If so, do you use the preloaded ring tones or have you created your own?
Do you use different ring tones for different people?
What app do you use to make your ring tones? what I am really asking for:)

Speaking of apps.....I just recently added the app Stylish Girl to my phone. I am slowly getting used to it and exploring all the things it has to offer. My favorite option so far is that it has a virtual closet where you can take pictures of the clothing items (shoes, jewelry, etc.) you have and then create outfits. I love using Pinterest to find outfit ideas, but being able to create outfits based on my actual clothes is priceless! I feel like I am in the movie Clueless :) Now I just need to find the time to take pics of all of my clothes!

What are your favorite apps to use?
Do you use a virtual stylist app?

This morning on my way to work I heard a song that immediately takes me to a certain moment (and/or moments) of my life. It got me thinking....what would MY song be if I had a theme song? I mean, is there ONE song that sums up my life or defines me? Maybe there could be a Top 5 list of best songs to describe me.

What is the theme song to your life?
Do you have a Top 5 list that describes your life?
Is there a song that plays over and over in your head?

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V

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