Thursday, April 25, 2013

Life of a Browns Fan

Always hopeful, usually let down :(

That pretty much sums up what it is like to be a Cleveland Browns fan. You would think that after 34 years of ups and (mostly) downs I would stop being hopeful, or find a new team to root for. I am a die hard Browns fan! I bleed orange & brown!

This weekend is one of those times as a Browns fan where I am extremely is the 2013 NFL Draft Weekend! It actually starts tonight at 8pm!!!! Now realistically I know I should calm down, but the crazy fan in me is super excited to see who the Browns will pick. Like I stated above "always hopeful, usually let down" is what normally happens with draft weekend. A lot of the time we have an amazing player available to us when it is our turn to pick, yet we still take a no name or trade down for more picks. UGH! The staff never seems to be confident in any of the players we currently have, nor are they willing to give them more than a 1 game shot at the position they play before looking for someone to replace them. The biggest issue the Browns continue to have is drafting a quality QB that can perform well in the NFL. And when we do actually have someone of quality, we give them 2 minutes to prove themselves before looking for the next best thing. Oh, don't forget the best player on the Cleveland Browns for the last 13 years was our kicker Phil Dawson and they decided they didn't need him anymore. Are you kidding me? I am probably wrong, but in my opinion he has been our leading scorer for all those years! GRRRR!!! Anyways, I can't help but be hopeful that our new owner (despite his legal issues) and the rest of the staff can make some good decisions tonight and this weekend to add some key/quality players to the roster.

 Mic & X Draft Weekend 2012
 Go Browns!

Another big time in the life of a Cleveland Browns fan is the start of training camp. Even if we have a terrible draft, or sign some free agents that you just shake your head at, camp is still an exciting time. As a kid my dad would take my brother and I to camp to watch the team practice. It was wonderful! You were so close to the pros! The guys you looked up to and cheered for every Sunday. I am dating myself here, but I remember watching Clay Matthews, Bernie Kosar, Eric Metcalf, Ozzie Newsome, Webster Slaughter, Brian Brennan, Reggie Langhorne.....the list goes on and on! Last summer I continued the tradition and took X to training camp :) While he had no idea what was going on, where he was, etc., I am so grateful for the fact that I could share it with him. I am hoping we can continue to do this for many more years to come!

 TJ Ward
 Joe Thomas
Trent Richardson
X's first time at Browns Training Camp 2012

The 3rd/4th time a year that I can't contain my excitement is the first preseason game and the first regular season game. If we do well in preseason I am super pumped for the regular season to begin. If we lose, I some how convince myself it was intentional to throw the other teams off. I know, dream world here. Every now and then (pretty much never) there is a 5th time you can get excited as a Browns fan.....when they have the possibility to make the playoffs! Now that doesn't happen that often so I really can't say much about it :(

3 days old and already "watching" his first Browns game :)
 My little football :)
My dad and I on the field last season = AWESOME!!!
So here is to hoping that the Cleveland Browns will draft well tonight and this weekend, have a great training camp, and an unforgettable 2013 season!


Until next time....

XoXo ~ V


  1. Draft weekend is like my Christmas, despite the Bears failing at it EVERY YEAR. Oh well. I'll keep an eye on what the Browns do so we can discuss!


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