Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Recap

It was a CRAZY weekend!

I remembered my phone to take pictures at swim lessons!

I took over 350 pictures from Saturday morning to last night!

I enjoyed a great cider beer (again) at Molly Malone's :)

X locked himself in a vehicle that isn't supposed to lock with the keys inside :(

Here is our crazy weekend in photos...enjoy!

Ready for swim lessons

Travel time = Nap time (for a little bit anyways), Look! It's an Xavier sign!
It was once again nap time in the car while we waited to get our pictures taken at the park :)

Welcome to Jungle Jim's!, CHEESE!, pit stop for some Starbucks (for mommy & daddy)
Mmmm M&M's, "Look mom, It's Elvis!", Fishy Fishy Fishy :)

Looking for daddy, Sherwood Forest
Gummy Bears :), "Look what I can do mom!"
Our (made in) South Africa candy bars (in honor of TJ), See ya next time Jungle Jim's!

The bridge to our hotel in Covington, Kentucky = AWESOME!

Checking out the view, Hotel room beds are the best!
Watching some toons', playing hide-n-seek in the closet

Paul Brown Stadium - Where the Bengals play....BOO!

Great American Ballpark - Where the Reds in progress

View from our room was wonderful! :)

Molly Malone's in Covington

Who doesn't take their kids picture next to a Jameson Whiskey barrel? ;)

The Fort Mitchell police trying to unlock the car that isn't supposed to lock!

Absolutely LOVE these 2 guys!

X LOVED the tunnels of fish! He couldn't keep his head still watching them swim by :)

Checking out more fish!

Mommy & X looking at even more fish ;)

 This picture doesn't do it justice....These crabs were HUGE!!!

 Daddy & X = Gator Love

 This jelly fish was gorgeous!


Giving the penguin statue a little love :)

 A little playground time before pictures

Starting him young on the chin-ups - Does a body good :)

Final stop - Cracker Barrel for dinner
 This child seriously can eat his weight in corn!

"Look right there daddy!" ;)

It was definitely a crazy, exhausting, stressful, never a dull moment weekend!
But I wouldn't trade my time with my 2 loves for anything else in the world :)

My Mother's Day gifts from X :)
The art work he made me at school :)
The purple flowers and pot with hand print (not shown) he made at school for me :)
The rose from our hotel they gave me on Sunday morning
Mommy & X love ;)

I know, I know....that was a lot of pics! At least I didn't post all 350+! lol!

So how was your weekend?
What did you do?

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V

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  1. How did you get him out of the car after he locked himself in?!

    1. The cops had to jimmy the door and then try to unlock the car :( They were finally able to hit the Start button in the car and then unlock the doors. It took about 45 minutes for all of this to go down :( I can kind of laugh at it today :/


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