Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Anything Goes Wednesday

Once again the middle of the work week is here! The sun is shining (at the moment), my little guy is healthy (crossing my fingers I didn't just jinx myself), and everything is caught up at work :) It really is a great day!

How do you feel about Wednesdays?

As I mentioned before (here), I LOVE watching it wasn't too terribly hard for Mic to convince me to start watching a show with him. The first season of Vikings on the History channel (can't believe I am admitting I watched anything on that channel) just ended on Sunday, and I oddly find myself wanting more! Usually when that happens it means the show is getting cancelled or not returning until 2014. Thankfully in this case it is returning, but not until 2014 :( I have to say the first couple times I watched it I couldn't believe it could be that great of a show. But it is a drama, and it definitely pulls you into the characters lives regardless of the time period. Sometimes it is hard to imagine that the things they do in this show actually went on all those years ago, but crazy enough they did! Anyways, it is a great show if you want to spend a little time with the man in your life :)


What shows do you watch with the man in your life?

It has been one week since our dear friend TJ left for Uganda (read more here) :( Thankfully we have heard through a brief text message and email that he is doing well! And there is a possibility of a phone call this weekend! :)

Where are you planning on traveling this summer?

Looking forward to starting swim lessons with X at the YMCA this weekend! He absolutely loves bath time, so I am hoping he will enjoy being in the pool as well :) I am sure there will be lots of photos and updates as we go along :) Wish me luck! Oh, and I still didn't get a new swimsuit (read here) :( Yikes!!!!

Any fun activities planned with your child this summer?

That's it for today folks!

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V

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