Saturday, May 18, 2013

Childhood Stories

Keeping up again with

Day 18: Tell a story from your childhood

It was October of 1982, and I was 3 years old.
I was sitting in the living room of our house on Irving Park watching Happy Days :)
(I love TV today, but it is not like it used to be!)
At 3 I was already a huge fan of the Fonz :)
The story gets a little sketchy from here (remember I was only 3!).
For some reason I remember my parents asking me what I wanted to name my little brother...
like he was already there with us, but without a name.
Anyways, since I was watching Happy Days I said Richie after Richie Cunningham :)
(I think they were super thankful I didn't say the Fonz!)
Well, to my amazement they agreed!
My new little brother was Richie Cunningham...well not quite.
They (WE) ended up naming him Richard, but have called him Richie his entire life.

Now I obviously can't say that is exactly how it went down,
but in my 3 year old world it sure did!
I came to find out a few years later that my dad's brother who died at only 18 years old
was also named Richard.
Crazy if you ask me!
I mean I had no idea at 3 that I wanted to name my brother the same name as my deceased uncle!
Of course it went over very well with my family!

Moral of the story?
I take full credit for naming my caring, amazing, completely ridiculous (at times)
 little brother Richie :)

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V

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