Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thirsty Thursday - Redd's

Spring/Summer is finally here in Ohio!

What does that mean you ask?
(You are asking, even if you didn't think you were!)

Cocktails, Beer, fun summertime concoctions!

I naturally cut back on drinking any alcohol during the winter months and I am not really sure why that is. Maybe it is because I am less active during those months, so I just subconsciously cut back on those calories. Maybe it is because I tend to drink only Sundays during the fall/winter for football season. Or I save my alcoholic beverage allowance (sounds fancy, I know) for special occasions or holidays.

However, once Spring has sprung it is time to get my drink on :) Well, more like have a drink or two! Ever since I stopped drinking to get pregnant and then had X, my tolerance to alcohol is pretty much non-existent :(

So back to "Thirsty Thursday"

I have decided to dedicate Thursday's to new drink recipes, or just drinks that I thoroughly enjoy :)

Now for your taste buds pleasure...

Believe it or not, it actually is an ale and not a hard cider!

It states that it is an ale with natural apple flavor. I don't care what you say it is honestly!


Seriously people!!! If you like beer or like apple, this is a can't miss drink!

Check out the website today to find out where to purchase some Redd's near you!

I picked up my 6 pack at Kroger on sale for $7.99!!! Sweet!

Are you a seasonal drinker or year round pro?
Do you have certain drinks you have during each season?
What cocktails or beers are you enjoying right now?
Any suggestions for alcoholic beverages I should try or feature?

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V


  1. ooo sounds tasty!! I do love cider beer in the fall, I should try this!

    1. I absolutely LOVE cider beers too, so this was a no brainer! Didn't feel like I was actually drinking...which could get really scary! lol! Have a great weekend Stephanie!


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