Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Style Me Pretty Tuesday

Question for all of you friends & readers...

What do you wear to a funeral on a hot spring/summer day?

I always tend to over dress to play it safe,
and I always, I mean always wear black to calling hours or a funeral.
Actually I usually wear a really nice black suit that I have with some black heels or boots.
In recent years every funeral or calling hours I have been to has taken place in the winter months, so this outfit choice works perfectly.

Unfortunately, we have a funeral to attend this Friday in Erie, Pennsylvania.
While I always dress appropriately for the winter months,
my mind is going crazy trying to figure out what to wear during the summer.
My closet is pretty lacking of summer attire in black/gray/navy
that is acceptable for this type of occasion.

Hence my question for you all...what do I wear?

We will also have to bring X with us since this is a funeral for a relative.
I have no idea what to have him wear!
How do you dress a 17 month old for a funeral?

Please understand this...
I know celebrating one's life and comforting the immediate family is our main concern,
but I also want to look appropriate while doing so.

Suggestions? PLEASE!!!

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Until next time...

XoXo ~ V

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